Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The greatest thought train

So my friend Don Stahl posted something about pudding on Twitter. It made me think of Barry and Levon on the state and them having a bunch of pudding in the trunk of their car. Alas, all I could find was the $240 worth of pudding sketch when I looked up "Barry and Levon state pudding" on Youtube. So I expanded my search to just "Barry and Levon" and...fuck...the greatest thing ever happened:

I haven't seen this movie. Nor have I heard of it. But trust me, I'm adding it to my Netflix queue (sorry, Frankenhood, but you've been bumped down to #2) and Barry Bostwick and I are gonna have some serious hang time via the tv real soon.

*EDIT: Fuck!!! This movie isn't available on Netflix?!?!?! Do I really buy a VHS copy from Amazon? Do I really? I think I need to see this*

ESL selling points

Turkish Menu

"an ingenious herd of charcoal fire"

I did a reading of this menu, complete with "soute spinach" and "mashroom salad" to an amused crowd of San Franciso-based house guests. Sean and I share a theory that lost in translation menus tend to have better and more authentic ethnic foods. When I ventured to actually eat at the newly opened Kestane Kebab on Nassau Ave in Greenpoint I was sorely disappointed to find that not only had they edited and reprinted their menus to take out the strange wording and misspellings, but the food was fucking terrible. Oh well.