Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is a mourning song

I've been keeping my mouth shut for some time about my current television devotions and it's time for me to spill my guts. Dear Rock of Love producers...HOW COULD YOU?!?!?! In two weeks time you allowed the greatest show on earth become a boring clusterfuck of bitchy brunettes. Come on, everyone knows you show is fake, why did you have to let Ashley leave? Seriously! I know, I know, she's happily making a bundle off of public appearances and stripping gigs with Farrah (the other love of my televion life) and she's back where she belongs, in the arms of her Biohazard-looking baby daddy, James, but now what? Am I going to have to go to Vegas to see discount Juliette Lewis in her full Hello Kitty tattooed glory? She of memorable quotes such as "People who eat basil are lame."

VH1 you made me miss her so much I had to request her friendship on MySpace (who has a private profile when they have 13,000 friends?) And no, Daisy of Love won't fill the void.

I can only hope she has something in the works along with Shaun from Tool Academy.

Black velvet if you please

A new religion that'll bring you to your knees

Another post up on the Vice Blog, this one about my black velvet cloak obsession.

Check it out and once again, show me love. So far the comments are awesome!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Chosen (and not the Jewish kind)

My friend works at a modeling agency. They get tons of regular submissions from people who want to be models. He started blogging some of the best and brightest of these hopefuls. Some are amazing, some are depressing, some are striking, and some are just plain...well...you'll see.

The Chosen

Here are some of the photos he's posted:

It's been around for less than 24 hours and already it's the most amazing blog I've seen in ages.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My best thing


So I am working on a clothing collection piece and it got me thinking about my favorite t-shirt. I may not wear it the most, but it is the crowning jewel in my collection. I got it when I worked at Beacon's Closet. It was stuck in a bag full of old khakis and polos. I started giggling with excitement when I pulled out it. The sellers who were nearby laughed and the girlfriend chastized the boyfriend for trying to sell it. "No one is going to want to buy that old thing from you."
"You wanna bet?" I asked and it ended but being the only thing I took in from the bag. It's totally thrashed and threadbare in the most perfect ways. There are holes all over the stomach and the armpit is slashed. It's 50/50 so it's almost see through. So good.

That picture was taken at the Municipal Waste show at Peter Buxton's old loft, the High Five Spot in early 2006. Hence the raised beer. I had just gotten done taking a month off boozing and was back on (off?) track big time.


I remember wearing it when I moved into my old apartment on Broadway back in 2006. I was driving the moving truck when I thought I had room to squeeze through and ended up shattering the drivers side rearview mirror on a drug dealers Escalade. Here I was, a terrified little white girl driving a UHaul truck being forced by some giant scary dude to go to the bodega on the corner and give me $70 cash on the spot to pay for it while I was wearing a goddamn Body Count tshirt that said "187 All Cops" on the back and a white denim miniskirt. Welcome to the Neighborhood.


So, you may be wondering why I haven't posted about my vacation yet, or you may just not care. But, here is a vacation rundown I did for Vice, Barbados - You Should Go on a Tropical Budget Vacation. It's a vacation Top Ten. Again show your love and leave me comments...I'm the new kid on the blog, totally fagged and slightly insecure.

Crane Beach

I wish it were always bikini time. I like being as naked as possible but only when contextually appropriate and not actually around real naked people. I guess I'll test that when we go to Burning Man...wait, I didn't tell you about that? Oh, that's another story...just you wait.

Monday, March 23, 2009


The boys' handiwork

DJING on Wednesday at K & M.

I just got ahold of a bunch of records from my old apartment including some serious punk and metal comps, The Warlock Pinchers (Morrissey Must Die!), and some random funny 7" I haven't listened to since I was about 16, (Third Sex anyone?) Don't worry, I'll only subject you to the best of the best of the Battletits Vault.

On the road again...

I'm going on the road with Love as Laughter in like 2 weeks! Sean is playing bass and Nic Gonzales is playing drums. It's been awesome listening to the old songs from Sam's back catalogue while Sean is learning them. So stoked I have such a ruling, talented roommate, the one and only Mr. Sam Jayne. If anyone has buddies in any of these towns hit me up and we'll have fun. I'm looking forward to some epic psychedlic journeys and lots and lots of sunshine!

Apr 7 2009 8:00P
Square One with Arbouretum Greensboro, North Carolina

Apr 8 2009 9:00P
Tasty World w/ Arbouretum and Puddin Tang!! Athens, Georgia

Apr 9 2009 8:00P
Cafe Eleven with Arbouretum Jacksonville/St Augustine, Florida

Apr 10 2009 8:00P
New World Tampa, Florida

Apr 12 2009 8:00P

Apr 14 2009 8:00P
The Engine Room with Arbouretum Tallahassee, Florida

Apr 15 2009 8:00P
The Bottletree with Arbouretum! Birmingham,, Alabama

Apr 16 2009 8:00P
The Emerald Lounge with Arbouretum! Asheville, North Carolina

Apr 17 2009 8:00P
TBA Chattanooga, North Carolina

Apr 18 2009 8:00P
Milestone with Arbouretum Charlotte, North Carolina

Apr 19 2009 8:00P
TBA Wilmington, North Carolina

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oddz n Endz

Birthdays, karaoke, shows, kitties...life rules.











Marissa, Lily, and Cara



Sam Jayne and Miguel Mendez host karaoke Monday nights at the Legion. They have props. Thanks for the cowbell when Glen and I sang The Weight by The Band, bros.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blogging out of bounds

Murder One

Liz from Vice found my blog when I linked their blog to my blog when their blog where she blogged about me and Sean. Phew...so now I am blogging for their blog and letting you know about it on my blog. Got it? Good. Leave me comments to show the world how much you care!


I am so out it I didn't even notice that Scrubs has been on for 23 minutes. Shudder. My brain has been tainted.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The grumpy beast has been sedated

All is well again in Beverly world. Despite a sore arm/back/ankle/head/knee, I was able to sort out my pain med debacle with a phone call to my doctor who called in a prescription for Vicodin for me. No, I am not sharing, I don't think my pain will run out before my little prescription will. So now that I am sufficiently relaxed, I am ready to tell the second part of my story.

I was dropped off in triage by my friendly EMTs and my vitals were taken. I went through the same run-through as I had with the EMTs, medications I was on, age, date of birth, allergies, blah blah blah. The triage nurse handwrote the info on my bracelet and got my birthdate wrong. After about an hour of waiting in the waiting room (where I got chastised by security for using my cell phone) I was given a bed in trauma next to a pregnant woman suffering from terrible back spasms and a woman who was in a gnarly car accident. A truck had made a wide right turn while she was trying to make a sharp left and pinned her car to a light post. I got to pee in a cup and change into a hospital gown which led to a very awkward conversation with the orderly where I had to explain to him that I was wearing a bodysuit in lieu of underwear. He blushed and said, "So no underwear at all?" So much for wearing clean underwear in case you have to go to the hospital. Thankfully they let me wear my bodysuit under my gown.

A nurse came to give me a shot of Tramadol in my ass, she said my arms were too skinny, and I dozed off for about an hour until my boyfriend woke me up by calling to check on me. He was stuck working on a jobsite upstate and couldn't come visit me until the job was done and his ride left for the city. Eventually I was taken to the Radiology waiting room where blessedly there was a tv and I got to watch the Family Guy. Unfortunately partway through the episode (the first part of the Stewie Kills Lois storyline) they moved my stretcher and I couldn't see it anymore and instead got to listen to a waiting room conversation about how terrible the show was and how it was the downfall of society. A few other semi-concious individuals lay around bitching but somehow my wait wasn't that long. A half-blind white-haired x-ray tech wheeled me into the room, told me my yellow toenails were cute, tried to talk to me about college and inquired about the Cult of Youth record in my tote bag. I unsuccessfully tried to avoid having to explain neofolk to him as he took x-rays of my foot.

He tried to wheel me back to trauma but I stopped him saying I was also there for a facial x-ray and a CT scan. Phew...and after about ten more minutes I was wheeled in for my first CT scan. It was weird to say the least. Laying there strapped down with my head taped to a neck rest knowing my brain was being scanned, it's super creepy. They also took an x-ray of my facial bones because my jaw was incredibly sore. I was wheeled back into a hallway and the slow hell of waiting really began. Two hours with no word on a stretcher in the hallway behind trauma. My neighbors were the car crash victim and a Puerto Rican grandma who was missing a shoe and kept cursing at everyone about her foot. She proceeded to eat an apple by taking little bites around the skin and spitting it out into a plastic bag until it was skinless and then munched everything through the core. Gross.

Behind me a man in police custody was handcuffed to his stretcher and another was wheeled by. Later on there was a hubbub of gossip coming down the hall that the second man in police custody had gotten violent and needed restraining. Still no sign of my doctor. I lay there waiting for it to be 8:30 so Sean could come in from the waiting area and keep me company, he'd finally made it in from upstate only to be told he couldn't see me for another half hour. I'd been in the hospital since 2:30. Someone finally checked on me and gave me some juice and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. My pain was back but I decided to tough it out, not like anyone would listen anyway.

Finally my doctor reappeared, apparently there'd been some emergency that was life or death. Ergh, can't bitch about that. He told me everything was fine, no broken bones, no internal bleeding, gave me a diagnosis of multiple contusions (aka bruises) and told me that they weren't even that impressive. Fuck you bro, I'm hobbling around and can barely lift my arm today, feel twice as gnarly as yesterday...ugh. ANYWAY, he gave me a prescription for Ultracet and a note excusing me from work for three days.

So anyway, yeah, after telling the EMT, the triage nurse, and the orderly what medications I was one I was prescribed something that had a potentially life-threatening interaction with a drug I was taking. And it was the same drug they'd shot into my ass earlier in the day:

traMADOL (Ingredient of Ultracet) and Celexa (citalopram) (Major Drug-Drug)

GENERALLY AVOID: The coadministration of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) with tramadol, which has weak serotonin reuptake inhibiting effect, may potentiate the risk of serotonin syndrome, which is a rare but serious and potentially fatal condition thought to result from hyperstimulation of brainstem 5HT1A receptors. Patients receiving this combination may also have an increased risk of seizures. Pharmacokinetically, coadministration with certain SSRIs, namely fluoxetine, paroxetine and possibly sertraline, may result in decreased plasma concentrations of the active O-demethylated (M1) metabolite of tramadol due to inhibition of CYP450 2D6, the isoenyzme responsible for the formation of the metabolite. The clinical significance of this potential interaction is unknown. However, M1 is thought to possess up to 6 times the analgesic effect of tramadol, thus diminished therapeutic response to tramadol should be considered.

MANAGEMENT: In general, the concomitant use of SSRIs and tramadol should be avoided if possible, or otherwise approached with caution if potential benefit is deemed to outweigh the risk. Patients treated with the combination should be closely monitored for signs and symptoms of excessive serotonergic activity such as CNS irritability, altered consciousness, confusion, myoclonus, ataxia, abdominal cramping, hyperpyrexia, shivering, pupillary dilation, diaphoresis, hypertension, and tachycardia.

Sounds like fun, don't it? Good god.

Richard Phillips had an afterparty...

Cult of Youth and Xeno & Oaklander played the afterparty for the Richard Phillips opening. Gagosian opened up the old Knitting Factory space which had been severely devestated by an earlier St Patrick's Day party. Apparently some cable access star had rented out the space for $30,000 and then charged party-goers $100 a head for a six hour open bar. 800 yuppies turned out to drink from noon til six or something. The sidewalk in front of the venue was a sea of vomit before we showed up and the entire place still smelled like puke despite the staffs' best efforts to clean up after the earlier party cleared out.

After soundcheck we decided to live it up in the VIP area despite the lack of alcohol yet available or anyone else present to hide from. Thanks to a green paint pen and a graffiti friendly backstage mayhem ensued. Pretty much everything in green is the work of the fine fellows in Cult of Youth.

The boys' handiwork
Best entry in the fake bandname competition

The boys' handiwork
Close runner up

The boys' handiwork
Glenn went a little crazy with the skin references

Glenn and Sean
Yeah! We had fun with the remnants of the earlier St Patrick's Day party.

The boys' handiwork
What time is it? It's swazi time!

There was also a penis drawing contest. I think it's clear who won.

Penis drawing contest

Penis drawing contest

Penis drawing contest

The boys' handiwork

Irish eyes are smiling (and the beer was finally flowing)

Me and Sean
Aww...we're in lurv!

Me Backstage
I was proud of my outfit...that's a Mickey Mouse silk cami that my bff Lauren gave me before she moved and a white vest Lisa gave me.

Sean and Glenn
NYHC bathroom photoshoot

Xeno and Oaklander
Xeno and Oaklander were amazing

Cult of Youth
Cult of Youth was amazing

Cult of Youth

Cult of Youth
Richard Phillips, the man of the evening, seemed pleased

Cult of Youth

Cult of Youth

Cult of Youth

Cult of Youth

Cult of Youth

Between bands Jane Elizabeth of Tesco USA and Scott Mou played some brutal tunes the likes of which anyone is lucky to hear DJed over a serious soundsystem. I wish I could have invited everyone I knew, but it was a private event. Both bands blew me away, and I high reccomend everyone in the universe see them immediately.

While Cult of Youth was loading out the cops were arresting someone up the block. It was a yuppie dude who had gotten wasted at the St Patrick's Day party hours before, stripped off all his clothes and passed out naked on Leonard Street. A nice parting gift for a wonderful night.

Richard Phillips had an opening...

I got to go to the extra-fancy Gagosian gallery on Saturday for the Richard Phillips opening. The show was amazing. He uses images from porn, advertising, and pop culture for his pieces. And the women there had the best shoes I've ever seen...just saying. Spotted the Rodarte loose-knit too. I am not an art critic, I can't describe, so I'll just show some of my favorites.

While I was looking at this one an awkward nerd asked me what I thought the artist was thinking while he was painting.

This last one I didn't see at the show but it was up on the Wallpaper* website where I got the images for this post. It's hilarious.

The dashing Mr. Phillips also had an afterparty which was very very special. I'll show you that next.