Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wow, that was painful

I have been sick as hell for three days. Left work early on Thursday and ended up passing out for 21 hours. Yeah, 21 fucking hours. Went to bed at 5 pm, woke up a few times to take more meds, and got up at 2 pm the following day. Beat that scumbags. After having exhausted every possibly reality tv option (because my Netflix selections are too classy for my fevered brain, seriously, who am I trying to impress, do I really need to view the entire Cronenberg catalogue?) and entertained myself with numerous texts from my weirdly jetsetting friends (polo club in South Florida? What?) I got so bored I even tried to read Gawker...(I exhausted DListed, TMZ, and Perez Hilton first)

Best texts I received during my haze:

"I hit jim in the face with a bottle on stage. Didnt break"
"Heroin smoothie"
"I am jet setting at the polo club"
"New aids. worse than new coke"

I have no idea what's going on, but I do know that not even Robotussin makes Gawker readable. It's just a bunch of jerks like me talking shit on other jerks like me.

Anyway, continuing with the meaninglessness of this post...this is my brain right now:

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