Friday, August 21, 2009

Store whoring

I started a blog for Fox and Fawn. It's good great fun. I just yammer away about all the amazing things we have in the store that I think you should buy. Basically half of the time I'm probably going to be shouting, "TAKE THIS AWAY FROM ME BEFORE I TAKE IT HOME!" It's one hell of a struggle, letting things sell. This is a business though, not my personal closet, but sometimes it's tough.

Not that resisting temptation is the most difficult part of my first foray into business partnership. We've had a few bumps but everything has been straightened out. It's scary to be stepping into this role right now with all the economy hellfire that's been spread. Honestly I'm hopeful and we're doing all right. Summer is always hard, I mean think about it, what costs more, a tank top or a jacket? People buy more clothing in the fall because they wear more, like literally wear more items at a time. The equation seems obvious but you'd be surprised how many people outside of retail don't understand that summers are rough.

But...thankfully they aren't too rough. The store has had a wealth of good stuff coming in and we've been able to keep up stock which is important because since we are dirt cheap the seriously amazing stuff gets snatched up pretty much immediately.

It's so scary but at the same time so much more satisfying knowing that you are building something that is yours and one other person's. Something that can and will sustain you and feed you and house you. Every drop of energy we put in goes back to us and we put everything we have back into the store. It's a cycle and it can and will be exhausting at times I'm sure, but after working for other people for so many years, I'm glad I have it this way, for better or worse and thankfully it looks like the former is taking the lead.

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