Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween is over

And I am mildly bummed. I don't want to wait another year to debut my costume ideas. I wish there was a Halloween every month. I'd go with friends as the interracial ABBA in November, then as the various incarnations of Axl Rose in December (I'd like to be white bike-shorts Axl and then there could be 2002 VMAs Axl, American flag pants Axl, early Axl, kilt-wearing Axl...basically Night of 1000 Axls as opposed to 1000 Stevies,) then maybe start the new year off as the contemporary Liza Minelli. You catch my drift?


I am actually pretty excited to be Axl Rose next year. After seeing so many half-assed Slashes and one medicore Axl I really think I should give it a go. I'm setting a precedent for cross-dressing.

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