Friday, April 3, 2009

Like a budget Selby

Ahh, it's time for another welcome to my domain post. I moved in September to L train territory. I live with five roommates, three of them dudes, one of them in transition (not from female to male necessarily, but we have a subletter for a month then who knows.) Being the typically messy brat that I am it took a while to get settled, but I finally got around to taking some pictures. Here it is, my room, Meserole style:

Best thing about my apartment? It came with it's very own Gremlin! I promise I won't become one of those bloggers who posts too much about her cat, but come on!

Sea of Shoes, eat your heart out (actually, hello, wanna trade?)

Hello, meet my friends Ann D, Dries, Marni, and Marc.

Art star second hand blanket score. Funny story, Jake recognized this blanket when he crashed at my old house years ago. "I used to sleep underneath a blanket just like this at a friend's house." Well I got it at Beacon's Closet from Dan Colen's aunt Janice just thinking it was one of her old things. Turns out it used to be Ryan McGinleys. Jake called him while lying in my bed to tell him but he didn't answer the phone. If I ever meet Ryan I guess I'll have to be totally creepy and tell him about it.

Oh god, why did I take a picture while watching Hell's Kitchen on my computer? I'm such a fucking loser. But, also pictured, my Motley Crue tour jacket (official Roadie), My righteous tapestry, my hat collection (all three, Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, and Kreator which isn't even mine), and my stained glass unicorn. Also that's a flute on top of my bookshelf.

Asian baby, Iron Maiden, Raccoon skull, Motley Crue, Led Zeppelin mirror, Styx coke mirror, Old Style Clock, and a whole lot of vintage purses.

That Deep Purple patch is my pride and joy. I almost don't want to sew it on anything because they I won't get to look at it every day.

60's fringe dress costume and Payday (aka the best movie EVER) stills.

My special little kitty on her perch atop my tallest clothing rack.