Thursday, April 2, 2009

What's the opposite of money for nothing?

At the ripe old age of 27 my previous refusal to intern has bitten me in the ass. I find myself qualified only to work in a field that I don't give a fuck about-retail management. Why would I want to intern when I was making $34/hr hawking jeans at BNY? Oh, wait, you're gonna get sick of doing that? Really? And then you're going to want to do something else but no one will hire you to do anything but the thing you are sick of doing? Really? What's that sharp it reality? Regret? Who knows. What I do know is that there are plenty of great jobs out there now...if you want to work for free.

With those more qualified than myself taking paycuts, I'm feeling a little doubtful on my prospects of quality employment. So what do I do? I'm 27 years old, is that too old to start interning? Not necessarily, although a little humility will go a long way I'm sure. Sean's friend Chris offered to try get get me a stage (the culinary equivalent of an internship, you work your ass off for free and pray you get hired at the end of your run) at the extremely high-end restaurant he works at. I have always romaniticized the idea of having a trade, but have no romantic misconceptions about what life in a kitchen is like.

Unfortunately right now I travel far too much to have the possibility of a kitchen job in my life. I'm trying to think of what other sorts of internships I could try out. I could try to be Genesis P-Orridge's archivist or perhaps be a management company lackey. First assistant intern reporting for duty Mr. Wentz. Ugh. Right now my only job prospect seems to be professional blogger, but can you really be professional if you only make about $100/week? Just wondering.


thehistoryofmyfuture said...

i just have a funny genesis p-orridge story: one time gibby haynes was playing with the 'school of rock' (which was fucking amazing, btw) and genesis came to watch, because they are sort of bff from way back. so at the end of the show, gibby just let the kids go apeshit while he came back to the dressing room to drink a beer and hang out-- but the next thing you know, genesis gets on stage for some reason, and one of the kids looks at him, and goes, "uh WHO ARE YOU?!!!" kind of more in wonderment, than in a snotty way. and he says, "DARLING, have ever heard of industrial music?" Kid, "NO." "well i invented it." and the kid just stood there dumb-founded with his shirt off. hm maybe you had to be there, but we laughed good-heartedly. the end.

also, i'm being called an intern right now, but i'm getting paid, and actually doing what i did as an assistant. it's more a ploy so companies don't have to pay health insurance. if you wanted to be an editorial assistant, this is the perfect time to get that internship experience you never did, and actually get paid to do. also, lie on your resume. say you interned at vice, and now you write for them. whatever. as long as you can back it up with your work, it won't matter.

Rachel said...

hey, i'm interning right now... if you're starting in something new you kinda have to start from the bottom, even if you are in your late 20's. its not so bad...