Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blogging about blogging on another blog

Ouch, I know. I am the anti-poacher too. Maybe it's a sensitivity to fashion blogs that are merely repostings of other fashion blogs or just image selections. I'm a grump, a writer. Not that my posts on here seem to consist of anything aside from links to my Vice posts. What can I say? Now that I'm quasi-professional I give them a lot of the goods. But even more, I can't say that I would ever interview someone for this blog, I'd feel like I was wasting their time. After all this is pretty much an exercise in me, my thoughts and opinions. But Vice has an actual readership that counts above the low hundreds and that makes it worthwhile to bug someone to talk to me about stuff I think is cool.

So I interviewed Jack from Endless Blockades about his awesome blog. Afterall, if I just reposted a few of my favorite awesome images that I found on his blog I'd be doing everything I hate. But what makes his site so addictive is that it relies on submissions as well as forums. It's not like some fashion blogs where someone just went to Style.com and picked out a few designer looks from the most recent fashion week. There is actual love, care, and time in seeking out these images from all over the world. And there is such pride in the submitters and makers.

Anyway, pointless rant aside, here's the link to my interview with Jack of Endless Blockades on Vice

Endless Blockades

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