Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gee thanks Ebay, now I'm drowning in a repetitive sea of bullshit!

All I wanted to do was sell a fucking vintage Chanel skirt! Thanks for going after the little guy instead of the Hong Kong dicks that actually sell fake goods on Ebay. I'm pissed as all get out.

Also, isn't this the longest most repetitive email you've ever read? It took all my strength not to reply with "Eat a dick."

Dear Beverly,

Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the listing restriction you are
experiencing. I can certainly understand your concerns about having
certain selling restrictions on your eBay account. However, having
reviewed your account thoroughly, I have come to the conclusion that the
restrictions were properly placed and will remain active. Please
understand the restrictions placed on your account are not accusations
of you personally nor do they affect your standing as a valued eBay
customer. The restrictions are proactive means of assisting eBay to
reduce fraud and negative buying experiences on the site. This selling
limit is not a disciplinary action; it is a default account state.
Every seller on eBay has been faced with this restriction at some point
or another as their account has grown. Eventually the seller can request
to have their account reviewed and cleared to sell these items in larger

In order to maintain a safe and positive trading environment, all eBay
accounts have standard protective limits that pertain to certain items.
These limits impact the number of certain types of items you may list or
revise in a rolling 30-day period.

Once you have reached your limit, the system will notify you and you
will need to wait a minimum of 30 days before attempting to list or
revise these types of items.

This restriction was not directed specifically to your account and is
not due to any action, listing, violation, feedback, etc., of your own.
It also does not affect your account status in any way; it only affects
your listing ability for certain items. The restriction is part of a
site-wide initiative that we've implemented; all sellers that sell
certain types of items on our site have experienced this restriction at
one time or another.

eBay is committed to reducing fraud and negative buying experiences on
the site; this includes preventing the sale of counterfeits and other
unlawful goods on our platform. The sale of counterfeits on eBay
violates our business ethics, undermines the eBay Community's
confidence, and harms our buyers, legitimate sellers, and eBay.

The placement of these restrictions is just one of the ways that eBay is
attempting to fight counterfeits on the site. These restrictions affect
certain types or categories of goods, such as clothing, shoes, jewelry,
or watches, that eBay understands from rights owners as typically being
targeted by counterfeiters.

Again, this restriction only affects certain types of items, ones that
typically have been targeted by counterfeiters. You should still be able
to list and/or revise other items without experiencing these

Please understand that we're not questioning the authenticity of your
items. Once you have reached your limit, you will not be able to list or
revise any more of these types of items, regardless of the item's

We are not able to be more specific at this time about the precise
application of these restrictions; the restrictions impact a wide
variety of items and the affected items are likely to change over time.
The limits are also variable in nature and will be different depending
on the situation and on the types of items being listed.

These restrictions are a proactive means to reduce fraud and negative
buying experiences on the site; they will help increase buyer trust,
resulting in greater loyalty and purchasing activity for legitimate
sellers. We know that initiatives to combat fraud may cause
inconveniences for legitimate sellers, but these initiatives will also
benefit sellers with an increase in buyer demand for legitimate goods.

We want our sellers to build an established history of selling, both in
general and in these types of items, before we remove these restrictions
from their account. When sellers have sufficiently established a
positive history of selling along with a good history of policy
compliance, they may request to have these restrictions removed.
Basically, we want our sellers to establish a positive selling record on
our site before selling these types of items in larger quantities.

This is a standard protective limit that is on all eBay accounts to
begin with for certain types of items. This restriction limits the
number of certain items that can be listed in a 30 day period. Please
keep in mind that the majority of items permissible on eBay are not
subject to this limit and can be listed without restrictions.

After a careful review of your account and history with us, we have
determined that this restriction will remain on your account.

Criteria used in our investigation include, but are not limited to, the
following factors:
-- Selling history (minimum three months) and activity as a seller on
the site
****-- Selling history for these types of items (Need more selling
history for these types of items)
****-- Positive selling feedback (Need more selling feedback)
-- Any feedback questioning the authenticity of your items
-- No unresolved disputes with buyers
-- Compliance with eBay policies
-- Account in good standing
-- PayPal verified
-- DSR for Item as Described

I put stars in front of the specific criteria that applies to you. Not
only is this part of the initial reason your account was restricted, but
it's what you will need to pay attention to and work on for now to have
these limits raised in the future.

These are just some of the things we look for when making the decision
to remove your limits or not. They don't all apply to you. Some other
things we look for include your violation history as well as any blocks
on your account.

Even though the limits on your account remain active, you can still
build a positive selling history by listing other items. You can
list/relist/revise similar items 30 days after receiving the first
message. You received the block on 12/16/09, so you should be able to
list again on 01/15/10.

I would definitely recommend you sell other items until your limits can
be raised. This will help you build up your selling feedback and will
potentially decrease your chances of getting these blocks on your
account. Once you build up more of an established selling history, you
will not receive those blocks.

I do understand how frustrating it is to have the restriction on your
account. The best thing you can do right now is continue working within
these limits, list the items you can, and continue building a positive
selling history and policy compliance history. I would also suggest
contacting us again after several months have passed to review your
account again. At that point we could potentially raise your limits.

If you have any further questions regarding your selling limits, please
click on the link below for more information.

Thank you for your time.


eBay Customer Support


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Message: I have a restriction on my account. I believe it is because I
occasionally sell designer items in addition to vintage. There have
been no questions as to the authenticity of any items I sell and I run a
very well respected store-front in New York City. I would very much
like to continue selling on Ebay and this restriction hampers my ability
to do so. My business depends on the ability to sell items online as
well as in my retail storefront.

Please review my restriction as I would like to have it lifted as soon
as possible. I have all positive feedback and don't appreciated being
restricted when having done nothing but follow the rules.

Thank you.

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Lord Bassington-Bassington said...

I've always found it strange when companies treat their customers or clients like crooks until they've proven otherwise.