Friday, December 7, 2007


Brendan posts some wishes for Hacker Culture to return on his blog (aka the best blog ever aka I have it in my links) and it got me in the mood to rehash a little story from this summer.

I was on tour with Team Robespierre. They had a show booked on a mobile party bus in Oakland. It was to be parked in a parking lot and they were going to play with Death Sentence Panda and some other bands. The promoter fucked up and the bus was double booked and since they were touring they were offered a spot on the other show which was to happen at a pier at the end point of Critical Mass. We decided fuck it, let's go out there, because, hell we were gonna be on a party bus! It had been described as a former mobile police station. Any bus that's party sized seems like a good idea in my book.

We didn't realize what we were in for until we got there. It was fully a rave. A weird crust punk rave, but a rave nontheless.

First there was an all girl bicycle dance squad that did fire dancing (god, I remember in 2000 when I couldn't go to a rooftop show where there wasn't some weird crust hippie who insisted on doing fire dancing...)



Then the DJ went on and this dude appeared. The lonely raver with his rainbow spinners. It was kind of sad because he kept messing up and every time he did he'd give a quick look around to see if anyone noticed and no one had. At least he didn't have anyone to be embarassed by, but then again, it's probably sadder than to have no audience at all rather that one that sees you mess up.



The pictures don't do him justice. He was wearing giant rave pants and a fuzzy leopard print hat. He spun those spinners for hours.

When they finally got the DJ to turn down his rave set and started playing on the bus, a fellow named Penny and his cohorts took over the roof of the bus and were dancing. It was rave central. Penny was a tall black guy with facial piercings, multicolored extensions and tons of eye makeup. He was wearing bondage pants with black combat boots and a red and black furry jacket.


They started coming in through the roof but they unplugged the PA so they stayed up dancing throughout the entire set. Aside from Penny there was a dude with a giant black bone in his septum, sides of his head shaved with a ponytail of dreads on top of his head wearing all black including a giant ankle length black fur coat and a girl in a corset with her cheeks pierced, eyebrows drawn on, and platform boots.

Dan found out that Penny hosted a public access show called "Penny and Page's Perpetual Party" I did some investigating on internet and found this brilliance:


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