Friday, September 4, 2009

Jersey Shore!


Glen, Audrey and I went down to the Jersey Shore and had a basically awesome time. I had to get back to work so I missed out on a mushroom enhanced bike ride and potential karaoke but we did hit the strip and shopped our butts off. It's discount heaven with a lot of tie-dye thrown in.

I wrote about it for the Vice Blog, so click here for the full run down.

Aside from shopping we spent a couple of hours with Sadie at the dog beach. It wasn't fancy and we had to share it with a fat kayaker whose boat was named "The Emotion". That's right, no motion in the ocean puns, just plain old "Emotion"...laaaaame.



Of course the astro-turf set-up was Glen's idea and btw, that's no an American flag beach towel but a fucking poncho...what else could I expect?


The only rule was that the dog had to be on a leash that was held at all times. There was no length restriction so we found a nylon rope in Glen's van (that's not rapey at all dude) and tied it to the end of Sadie's regular leash so she was free to run around almost as much as she pleased although she somehow managed to reach the end of the longest leash ever a few times while playing fetch in the bay.


I look so posey here but I really wasn't. Audrey said she wanted to take some pics of me and I didn't know when she was taking them exactly. I throw like a girl.

Best dog ever

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Liz said...

I have a dog named Sadie too!