Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jesus is totally bummed that I listen to extreme metal...

Going through the drafts on my blog I realized somehow this entry had been taken down. What a shame, this exchange was perfectly hilarious. Here is the repost.


Date: Jan 21, 2008 1:15 PM

Hello, I hope not to be a bother with this mesage. I am messaging to hope to offer insight that took me a while to gain, so please do not be offended. I am not emailing to be mean in any way, so if this email does not appeal to you or offends you, please do not email me back to insult me.

I do not belong to a Church (well I attend a church but I am in no way doing this on there behalf) this is my free will, I decided to tdo this after laying in bed watching the fresh prince of bel air.

I am not a lunatic, i am not someone trying to be mean to you, i was simply thinking of the predicament i used to be in, and was wishing someone would have sent this message to me 2 or so years ago.

I used to be very involved in the extreme metal scene, even as a Christian, but i was aware that the music and attitude involves has a veyr anti Christian messages, for alot of invalid reasons. And i trust you are an intelligent person and critical thinker, and that you would not want to form an opinion based apon false information. I found it alarming how many people, specifically metalheads are turnd off to Christianity, based upon lies about it that hte metal scene accepts as common knowledge, so the purpose of this email is for me as a Christian to make a fair counter argument, i of course welcome you to my walk with Christ, but first i would like you to hear my part of the story.

The crusades, and the murder of people in scandinavia and all over the world, in an attempt to convert those to Christianity DID indeed happen. but that is NOT supported by The Bible! God is grieved that those things happened! People would kill and take over lands for many reaons, ethicvs, religion, politics/political standpoints. That just means there have been corrupt people all throughout history, in fact, the kids at columbine would ask people if they beleived in God, if the person responded with yes, they would be shot. I do not think that means atheism causes evil and murder. I beleive in all the aforementioned things, people were using a scapegoat for their own agenda. And yes things like this did happen in the Old Testament, but that was talking about only specific cities, like when one city was sacrificing children, however amongst the metal scene only a part of the story is spread throughout the metal scene.

Also the idea that if God were real and all loving evil would not exist is tossed around. Well that is not a valid argument. What are some of hte worst acts someone can commit? taking someones life, rape, theft. These are all forcing things apon people, taking things, and destroying things against there will, a form of slavery in fact. Slavery, BONDAGES are the worst kind of evil. God is not going to enslave us, sinul acts are committed apon free will. God planted the tree of knowledge, I beleive to give us the fair knowledge of good and evil. If someone does something kind for you, or makes a sacrifice for you, or trusts you, what makes it loving is that they have the option to do something evil, however they consciously make the decision to do something kind. With no knowledge of hte bad decisions we can make, the good decisions we make would only come instictually, and have no actual value, they would not be deeds, they would be typical instincts. So you see, God was being fare to us. See, the trouble in the world is so often caused by us, by our horrible decisions, destryoing our environment, God gave us the option to do good will, and so many times we deny it.

The Bible is a well reserved and dependable source. It is the most in tact ancient document we have, cesars galick wars are not considered a myth, even though the most recent documents of it we have are 1000 years after it happened. We have The Dead Sea Scrolls that are thousands of years old for hte new testament, and documents, Church Records and peices of The New Testament dating from Christ's life and death, and even 20-50 years thereafter. In roman historical records, and in documentations by ancient historians, most popular being Josephus, we have primary source accounts of Jesus Christ,his miracles, and his works. and the first generation of the Christian Church.

In fact, many prophecys were written in the Old Testament about Jesus Christ, all of them fulfilled, and most of them were not in Jesus's control, so he could not have manipulated things to happen. The Old Testament sais to the Jewish People, that there Savior would come, to save them, and they would reject him. That as history contends, happened exactly that way. And that the second temple would be destroyed after his death, which happened in 70 A.D. (So according the Old Testament, completed hundreds of years before Jesus Christ's birth, Jesus Christ is The Messiah, The Son Of God, or there is none, because The Second Temple Can't fall again) Even the amount of money Judas betrayed him for, was Prophesied, all of this hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus Christ. And whether you are a Christian or not, the dates are factual from a secular standpoint even. And the destruction of the temple, was at the hands of hte romans, who did not know The Biblical texts, so no it is not a possiblity it was done to make Jesus Christ look better.

The old testament was written by over 40 different authors, thousands of years apart, often countries apart, writing about the same God, the same events, without possibly have being able to correspond with eachother. Thats some good validity if you ask me.

The Old Testament is filled with scientific forknowledge, it contains pages and pages on sanitation before we even had a word for "germ", it told of sertain things being dirty, and which fooods are and are not so good for hte body to eat, before scientists even knew how to test for such things. The Bible states more than once that the world is round, thousands of years before columbus sailed. One Book In The Bible mentions the geography of the ocean, that it has mountainous areas at the ocean floor, thousands of years before we could even explore more than an ungeared human can hold his breath. The Bible told us that the stars in the sky are un countable, before we had telescopes or anything, and with a reasonable amount of patience, one could count the 25 or 50 or so visible stars in the sky. The Bible told us that God is expanding the Heavens, only recently do we even theorize that the universe is expanding.

I do not beleive being rude to people, giving filthy looks, and being hateful is a tool of evangelism. I like to live my life as a living testimon of the glory of Jesus Christ, offer information when I know its necessary, discuss things intellectually, provide intelligent defenses and reasons for my faith, and be loving and caring like Jesus Christ. Unfortunately that is sometimes not the image people get from Christians, so I apologize if anybody been mean to you on our behalf.

I consider myself an intelligent guy, who is not naive. I have experienced miracle of my own, one of which being, i was suffering with a major personal very disturbing problem, for almost a year actually. I had not been open about, and one day at Church, I was praying with I beleive 3 other people, and I wanted to pray about my detailed complex problem, but you know, I was embaressed, even ashamed maybe. Then my friend Nick, who has his hand on me and is praying in tounges, starts praying MY PRAYER MY PROBLEM IN DETAIL for me! There is no way that is coincidence, considering hte ridiculous and deatailed nature of my disorder.

So historically, by experience, by faith, Christianity is at least a reasonable beleive system. I am messaging you to expose the lies tossed around, I am not trying to bother you, I am hoping that you will repent of your sins, and invite Jesus Christ into your life, and confess your sins to him, and tell him you know he is the Son Of God, and that he died on the cross as a sacrifice to save you from your sins. If my message has annoyed or not intrested you, I do not plan on messaging you again, however if you are interested, even still skeptical, but see this going somehwere in your life, maybe even accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord And Savior. Or maybe you are agnostic, and are thinking why Jesus Christ? Regardless if you have questions, need advice, you may reply to this message, even form a seperate myspace if you would like, you may talk to me on AIM, my screen name is WrestleOR 777 or you may email me at


if you are interesetd i reccomend you check out the following videos.

Take Care,
God Bless You And Always Be With You. now a dialogue ensues...

From: Beverly
Date: Jan 21, 2008 7:41 PM

My primary response is to question why you chose to approach me. I have nothing on my page expressing anti-Christian sentiments. I am a metalfan but that does not mean I take lyrics as life lessons. I also find it somewhat perplexing that you have an anonymous profile. Otherwise, thanks for copying and pasting your mass letter to me. It provided a point of interest in my day.

Date: Jan 21, 2008 10:45 PM

i know none of those things were on your page, and i hope i havent offended you and made you think i thought that about you. I had been searching through other pages, came across yours, and i figured, i could either send the message, and maybe you could get something out of it, or worse case scenario you disregard it or say something rude to me. So i figured why not?

From: Beverly
Date: Jan 21, 2008 7:56 PM

I guess that makes sense. Still though, what's up with the anonymous profile? It doesn't make sense to me if you are trying to reach out to people on a personal level? Just curious.

Date: Jan 21, 2008 11:05 PM

well, i was afraid of using my personal account, i didnt want to log on to talk to friends and have people harassing me, i've had a few people respond positively and i gave them my personal screen name. I was just using this as a filter sort of.

From: Beverly
Date: Jan 21, 2008 11:12 PM

I guess that makes sense but then again, why show such fear? Also you may want to spell check your message, it lessens the impact when it is rife with grammatical and spelling errors. Just some advice if you would like to be taken seriously. Regardless, best of luck. Most of us don't feel that we need saving.


jen said...

fuckkkk that.
some couple at the bar a while ago were like, do you know god? i'm like NO. they're like do you want to get to know god? i'm like FUCK NO. then we had to throw them out because the dude took his shoes off, knocked his drink over and fell on the floor. no big deal.

Anonymous said...

I always have epiphanies while watching Fresh Prince, but they always turn out to be bogus in hind sight. This guy should have slept on it.

Thomas J.

Kara said...

no wayyyy....

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

I'm too lazy to read this whole letter, but i did read the first few sentences, and i knew immediately that you would say something snide about his/her grammar/spelling. Some of my best friends are bad spellers. Blame it on public education.

This guy/gal seems earnest, I don't think you should hate too much. I totally understand wanting to keep anonymity to express opinions, stories, concerns, etc. Many writers and composers have operated under pen names to get controversial and non-controversial thoughts into the open (Ann Landers, composer Amy Beach used Mrs. H.H.A. Beach-her husband's name, Lewis Carroll, Dr. Seuss)-- and certainly you can empathize since your alaskan adventure, right?

Peter said...

"...the 25 or 50 or so visible stars in the sky..."

Has this kid ever been out of the city?

'There's gotta be like FIFTY stars up there!'

You were very polite, Beverly. Kudos.