Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fashion Weak (I make the same pun every year)

Instead of spying Nicole Richie at the C Ronson afterparty I went to go see Carcass last night. I've begun my biannual boycott of most things fashion week. I generally go to one party a year, I can't handle much more. The neighborhood I work in is overrun with fourteen-year-old gazelles scampering between castings. All of them in model-issue cut off miniskirts and last year's Ashlee Simpson accessories. It's hard not to harsh them, but then you remember, most of them are fucking TEENAGERS. Ugh.

Anyway, Carcass ruled. 2000 people packed in for the heavy at the incredibly square Nokia Theatre in Times Square. The space bums me out but even more so the location. Talk about the ultimate bring-down. You come, you thrash, you rage, you's Saturday night at 1515 Broadway, the heart of the madness. Nothing like seeing grind legends and stepping out to a seven story Target billboard and glowing advertisments for television shows you don't even want to know exist much less watch.

Still, at least during the show I was in a blessed bubble of brutality. I was handed a VIP sticker before Carcass and got to watch from the balcony which provided a stellar pit view (watching the pit at these shows is a close second to actually watching the band, it never gets old.) The show itself was exhausting. I arrived at 7:20 just before the first band, Rotten Sound went on. Carcass didn't go on until 11:45 and the show itself ended around 1:20, that's six hours later. That's about three hours too many. Why bookers feel the need to cram six bands on one bill I'll never understand. And why this is especially pervasive in metal baffles me further. Aborted was so terrible I had a physical reaction. Okay, maybe it was the al pastor burrito I ate earlier in Long Island, but I seriously thought I was gonna hurl during their entire set. I had to leave the main room and thankfully located some fellow castaways I knew near the concession booth. Yeah, concession booth. At the Nokia Theatre you can get sandwiches, M&M bars, and even Rice Krispie treats during the show (and yes, I purchased the latter.) But honestly, who the fuck put that band on the bill? Who even allowed them to record or tour with anyone, much less Carcass? was terrible. Suffocation would have been tolerable had the singer not been such a dickwad. Still, their 'roided out fanboys to stage right provided a decent amount of entertainment. But of course, there waws "that guy" who insisted on coming out on stage to take pictures of his buddies in the band mid-song with his cell phone. Really dude? Yeah, I paid $35 to see the band, not your dumb ass. Oy vey.

But bitching aside, Carcass was amazing and worth the wait. I'll post a few of the shitty pictures I took as soon as I find my connecting cable for my camera. It's still packed somewhere.

Quote of the night from Finland's Rotten Sound: "This song is about eating people. Remember when eating people to start with the feet because it hurts much more. Its called Feet First."


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Felicia said...

Carcass is playing in Tampa tonight...which is the only Florida date, and shitty because Tampa sucks. and the 6-10 band tours are getting a little out of hand. But hey, gas is expensive and if touring together will bring in people, I guess that's okay. also, good show recap.

This is my first time to your blog and your writing style/humor makes me laugh. will come back again.