Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Very Important

I usually listen when people tell me I'll dig a band. I especially listen when eight people unsolicitedly tell me I'll love a band. But it still took my several months to finally get my shit together to see Krallice. I've since listened to the album and while triumphant, it does not compare to the live assault. Seeing New York's two premiere guitar wizards play noodle-free black metal is little short of worship-worthy. Anyone familiar with Mick Barr and Colin Marston will expect nothing short of excellence, which Krallice generally encompasses.

I'm officially a fan and I must say, it's a great feeling to have a local band who, friendships aside, I am a bonafied geek regarding (although, disclaimer, Colin did master Battletorn's Evil Chains @ the Paincave back when I was in the band.)

Krallice is playing:
September, 27 2008 at Less Artists More Condos w/ Satanized
132 W 3rd Street btwn 6th Ave and MacDougal...black metal in the West Village?


October, 8 2008 at Knitting Factory w/ Watain, Withered, Book of Black Earth
74 Leonard Street

Go see them if you haven't already...seriously...

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