Friday, April 4, 2008


aka As Gay As Possible.

Yeah...I watched the premiere of "Step It Up and Dance" last night. What of it?

But seriously, it was by far the most quotable tv show I've seen in years.

"Did I look like a fag onstage?" - contestant

"Hip-hop's not my strongpoint." - Tovah, the black ballerina
"But you're black!" - Mel B, Spice Girl/Guest Judge

"He's a performer. I feel like he could sell me a sneaker full of poop." - Judge

What the hell. I like how the try and pass off Elizabeth Berkley as a serious gay icon. Yeah, Showgirls was campy and hilarious but I am sorry, if anyone is the icon of filth in that movie it was totally Gina Gershon. Still, I appreciated it immensely when one of the contestants (he's so 6th ave strip West Village) did an impression of her infamous "I'm So Excited" scene in Saved by the Bell.

"He has been training in ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, and jazz funk for over ten years and has performed on stage with Perez Hilton and Grammy-nominated R&B singer, Shanice."

This is the guy who apparently could sell a sneaker full of poop and who did the Jesse Spano reference. Is performing onstage with that fat blob of goo Perez Hilton something a trained dancer should brag about?

"Miguel is an accomplished choreographer with credits including MTV's Rob & Big, Robin Anton's Pussy Cat Dolls in Las Vegas, and assisting for the sold-out Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds Tour. Miguel describes his point of view as unapologetic, forward, and a little offbeat. Miguel can also play the saxaphone and is an amazing whistler."

Rob and Big? What the fuck did he do on Rob and Big and how did I miss that? I swear to god I've seen this dude before. Probably at the cock or at one of Sophia Lamar's parties, but I definity can't shake it.

It's almost as strong as the weird "alterna" girl from the first Pussycat Dolls reality show. She looked so damn familiar and then I realized there was a photo of her in my senior thesis. What the FUCK?


sybil said...

this makes me wish that bravo didn't magically disappear off of my "free cable Preview" channels.

elizabeth said...

fuck! i forgot to tivo this shiz, i was sort of dyingggg to see it.

i mean, 'i'm so excited' impression? haah. this show is goin to be sooo beyond.