Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dream a little dream

One of these years I have to go to Wacken Open Air - an annual three-day festival in Wacken Germany. I couldn't give a shit about most of the bands that play but where else can you see Iron Maiden, Kreator, and Exodus on the same bill? Plus even though I may not make the effort to see them alone I'm not going to thumb my nose at Gorgoroth, Obituary, Massacre, and Destructor. Too bad I am broke too short-sighted to save up my cash for such a venture. Omid and I used to plot about how we could get Vice to pay for us to go to thrash festivals and interview people but the Jesse leveled with us and said it was doubtful they'd pay for shit. I'm sure if we'd taken initiative we could have written about our exploits and gotten them published. Oh well, dream big, live small I guess, at least for the time being. YouTube will have to suffice.

One thing that makes my disappointment sting less is sometimes I feel like there are things that would have been better if I were still drinking and Wacken is one of them. I think after day 2 of being harassed and headbutted by wasted Germans I'd probably wanna hang myself. Still, a girl can dream.

Here's a French dude yelling about Hitler:

I've always wanted to see a Wall of Death successfully pulled off live. Municipal Waste tried at Europa but it was laughable.

Here is what a real one looks like:

Here's the Caliban wall of death at Wacken 2007

Same event, different video:

On second thought...maybe I should stay at home. Wait, fuck that. I want to be the asshole standing by the wayside filming this shit. Anybody want to buy me a ticket to Germany?

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