Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Cable Vortex

I am housesitting for one of my favorite ladies, Jenny. Spending a lot of time with the kitty and back on the tv train again. Put hundreds of channels in front of me and I'll go directly to Bad Girls Club and whatever Real Housewives is on (although Orange County is totally boring compared with Atlanta.) I actually postponed my going out last night by an hour because I had to watch the finale of Rock of Love Charm School. And I actually had someone I was rooting for and for the first time in the history of reality television, my number 1 won.

I have my flute here and some books and I can't tear myself away from the tv. I think I've watched every episode of Bizarre Foods and No Reservations and am currently watching "bad girls" get wasted at a strip club competing at an amature strip night to pay their bills. One of them just talked about her tampon and another is prematurely naked and vomiting in a fishnet body suit. Nothing like getting alcohol poisoning on cable tv...not that Oxygen really counts...does anyone else but me pay attention to this shit? I could be finishing Balthazar and Blimunda or perfecting my scales but instead I'm watching two girls argue as to whether "my bad" is an acceptable substitute for "I'm sorry".

And now Tyra Banks is doing a special on shopping addiction. I'm so in. This makes me feel totally okay for spending $60 on two pairs of jeans, a vest, and a dress at Urban Outfitters even though I'm totally broke and my weekly unemployment didn't come through like it was supposed to today.

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