Saturday, December 27, 2008

Crap on top of shit

In addition to my camera breaking my bike seat got stolen on Christmas. That somehow resulted in me spending money I don't have on a pair of boots. See the logic behind my life? Okay, neither do I. If my camera isn't covered by my warranty I told myself I had to return the boots because a camera is more important to my emotional well-being than boots are. Right? Right? Come me be a good person. In other Beverly news...

Oh wait, there isn't any other Beverly news. I've been housesitting and hiding. I did eat a whole bunch of dim sum with a whole bunch of nice funny people on Christmas. I ate so many dumplings and cakes and balls I wanted to cry. I've never wanted to say, "I ate so many balls...I wanted to cry" before but it's pretty satisfying. But the balls were shrimp balls and the cakes were pumpkin and turnip. Oh well...Beverly: 1, Excitement: 0.

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