Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Auctions I have lost/couldn't afford on Ebay (updated/bumped)

I thought Ebay was dead until I found the store Claire Incorruptible. Everything is super pricey but it's amazing nonetheless. I want to go to Australia and strangle this woman for her collection. The blog on the website is full of insanely covet-worthy goods. The first dress is was brought me to the store.

Despite the emaciated model, this is my size...and vintage Moschino


Chanel neckpiece


You know what...I thought this would be longer but I realized there is very little great vintage out there right now. Maybe my unconscious has ruined my search skills because I'm broke. But I looked and looked and there were only three things I wanted that I didn't get and that onesie was gonna be too short-waisted for me anyway. And I would also like to take this moment to bemoan the lack of vintage Rykiel and Ricci. Where did it all go?

ALSO, I am sorry but I am fucking sick of all this fake model shit on Ebay. Sorry looking girls (not accusing the ones I took pics of here) in awkward Top Model 101 poses in front of ratty looking radiators with NYC circa 2000 electroclash haircuts with crappy 90s rompers pinned to their boney shoulders (I love a good romper but just because you put "Kelly Bundy" in the description don't make it so.)

ANYWAY none of that matters because this is actually something I won!...

I snagged it at a reasonable "Buy It Now" price from Feathers Boutique a genius store run by my friends Emily and Masha down in Austin (a must to for all you SXSW nerds.) It's also where I scored my perfect New Years dress...vintage Patricia Field anyone?

Whoa, red lipstick makes me teeth look way yellow!

Shout out to Diane get your site up and get those pics printed girl!


Gnarlitude Jen said...

HOLY shit dude. I would never have shared such a rad shop with anyone haha That Chanel capelet thing is beyond words incredible and not bad with the exchange rate, AU $850, US $540. It may also may for a KILLER DIY. The red pleated Oscar de la Renta http://www.claireinc.com/assets/2009/1/12/IMG_7336.JPG OMG.. kill me now. I want to make these epic finds, all I ever come across is vintage leather and harley shit.. which is not bad at all but goddamn she has some rad stuff.
Also, so glad I was consulted on that dress and that you bought it within moments of me saying do it! It's sooooosososo you. Can't wait to see what you wear it with but I bet the boyf is even more excited.

Battle said...

The only reason I shared is because there is no way any of this stuff will be mine until I get a job and a serious one at that. Did you see the leather Chanel chain necklace? It's similar to the one I posted but with black leather running through (http://cgi.ebay.com/RARE-AMAZING-Vintage-CHANEL-Gold-Leather-NECKLACE_W0QQitemZ310114467117QQihZ021QQcategoryZ50649QQtcZphotoQQcmdZViewItem)

And OF COURSE I consulted you...I knew you would enable me and do it with the right item. I obvs wanted to buy it, just needed that extra push from a trustworthy individual.

Sybil said...

man i have been meaning to write about this store for months. sigh economy sigh!!!

Lindsey said...

Woah...didn't expect the Feathers shoutout there. I live in Austin, so I'm def familiar with that place. I went to a store event there a few months ago and they had a brand new Lela Rose capelet ($1600 price tag still attached) for like $100. I almost passed out.

Anonymous said...

This post has made my life about 50% more difficult, financially speaking