Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Ebay Misses


Who loves Contempo Casuals? I do!

Okay, so I would never wear this but I just have to point out it's amazing've got six hours ladies...

Some more Escada ridiculousness from Claire Incorruptible

The next two come from Indie Cult Vintage and both auctions are up and way too expensive for my nonexistent budget

50's lace bustier teddy romper with sequin straps in measurements almost mine? Yes please!

Get your THOR on...or your MANOWAR on...I have something similarly awesome that I wore on Halloween that's midnight blue and Vintage Dior

Warrior Priestess

Sighs all around. Guess no one probably wants to hire an Ebay personal shopper during the economic crisis, huh? God I need a job.

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Orin Brecht said...

These ebay and food posts are boring, bev. Post something relevant to me. Cater to my bored at work needs.