Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Francesca had an opening

I didn't want to take pictures of her pictures and it was so packed I couldn't take photos of much and Francesca was surrounded so I didn't get any photos of the beautiful photographer. But her work is up at the Daniel Cooney gallery at 511 W 25th Street Suite 506 until April 18. Take a look! And her Mars Bar book is amazing.

Chuck couldn't make it, he miss his flight in from LA so Ryan and Brendan kept him company. Representing.

Bridgette said hello too.

Hello birth control boobs! I almost have clevage.

Chuck and Eric
I took a picture of Chuck from that same era. Somehow it just doesn't have the grace that Francesca's portrait does. Oh wait, that's because she's super talented (and because bitchpants aka the teenage male model who never left the Cast Studio after their fashion show casting and who once told me he was hung like a stallion...eeew...isn't hogging the shot.)

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