Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pampered not in the diaper way

I've been in a semi-hallucinatory state the past few days. Welcome to day 3 of my detox water/juice fast. I do not recommend doing this unless you have no job or at least several days off in a row. Last night I found myself watching the Food Porn episode of No Reservations online and feeling slightly dizzy. I also applied for a job in deli prep kitchen at the Bowery Whole Foods. Umm...okay. I am supposed to ease back into food with fresh fruits and veggies but all I want are bbq wings a chili cheese fries.

Why am I doing this detox fast? Because I have been going out and eating the most delicious food on the planet night after night. Whether it is Del Posto for an anniversary dinner (7 course tasting menu, most of it out of this world, some not so amazing) or Fatty Crab to celebrate my boyfriend getting paid (so...much...pork belly) or even regular brunch at the standby that is Enids (with the biggest pancake portion I have ever seen...almond and apricot, they were so good) I've been indulgent beyond belief and it has caught up with me. On Saturday afternoon I will land in Barbados. Bikini season starts early for me this year. So I've gained 7 pounds of relationship/birth control weight. I can handle that, most of it went to my tits anyway, but for the first time in my life I've been gorging on nothing but meat and starches and I feel sluggish as hell.

So I detox to try to get all the gnarly out of my system (I started drinking small amounts of caffiene as well, that didn't help) and hopefully fit back into my impossibly small Acne Needles (did they ever really fit?) in the process. I have to stay away from Glen's Food Porn Tumblr in preparation for my island trip.

Still participating in the joys of obsession, here is a glimpse into my life in food last week.

Dinner @ Del Posto: We ordered the Grand Tasting Alla New Yorkese which thankfully is up on their website

Del Posto Winter SALAD
Roasted Porcini Mushroom, Smoked Proscuitto,
Stuffed Pepper, Mozzarella di Buffala, Spicy Broccoli Rabe

Tuna SUSCI with Insalata Tricolore
Raw Big Eye Tuna with Horseradish,
Radicchio, Chicory & Arugula

Bollito Misto in a Miniature Ravioli
Served in a Rich Capon Broth

LINGUINI in Red Clam Sauce
A New York Classic with Pugliese Vongole Veraci Clams
and Piennolo Tomatoes

Beef Short Rib with Foie Gras
Truffles, Madiera & Garlic Spinach

An Impossibly Small Taste

CANNOLI with Blood Orange and Pistachio
Brooklyn Style, Made from a Recipe of Lidia's

Their site has more beautiful pictures than I even bothered. In fact I was too busy savoring to take any photos til the end. But goddamn that cannoli was magical.


The very next night we went the the Fatty Crab where we had two magical dishes and two so-so ones. The magic all came in the form of pork. Steam pork buns which sound innocuous but were completely delicious and the crispy pork and watermelon salad which...fuck...I can't even explain. So amazing. I wouldn't reccomend the skate or the chicken hot pot. The former just wasn't that good and the latter, while soothing, wasn't terribly special.

There was also pancakes, White Castle (although, what is a chicken ring sandwich with no honey mustard?), Yola's enchiladas, and an extravagent spread at Village Yokocho (the upstairs joint on Stuyvesant street right next to Sunrise Mart) including yakitori, taro stew, spinach with sesame sauce, steamed chinese broccoli, yellowtail collar (so rich I almost fell asleep after eating), and mixed pickles.

You see? I need a break!

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