Monday, February 16, 2009

The Boycott Continues

This is the only thing I did for fashion week.


Jenny did an amazing job getting everything together for Built By Wendy. But I was more interested in taking pictures of my friends (they have professionals to take pics of the runway shows anyway, why waste my battery?)

Every year I give fashion week one night of my life. Ever since I got sober the whole thing is overwhelming, too many people, too many parties, too much networking. I just want to curl up in a little ball and hide for the entire week. I should be out there flexing my job muscles. Oh well. Just not my thing.


We went to Odyn Vovk after BBW and I didn't take any pictures but apparently there was nearly an epic male model brawl and also we made eye contact with Jake on the runway and thank god dude was wearing a kangaroo leather surgical mask so no one could see him laughing.


Afterwards we went to the Parlor Showroom opening party which was jam-packed. I stuffed my face with cannoli and then got quickly overwhelmed.


I don't do well with crowds so this picture of Chuck triple-fisting free beer is all I got. Afterwards Sean and I went to an industrial/synth show at Glasslands. Back to my safe place!