Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My best thing


So I am working on a clothing collection piece and it got me thinking about my favorite t-shirt. I may not wear it the most, but it is the crowning jewel in my collection. I got it when I worked at Beacon's Closet. It was stuck in a bag full of old khakis and polos. I started giggling with excitement when I pulled out it. The sellers who were nearby laughed and the girlfriend chastized the boyfriend for trying to sell it. "No one is going to want to buy that old thing from you."
"You wanna bet?" I asked and it ended but being the only thing I took in from the bag. It's totally thrashed and threadbare in the most perfect ways. There are holes all over the stomach and the armpit is slashed. It's 50/50 so it's almost see through. So good.

That picture was taken at the Municipal Waste show at Peter Buxton's old loft, the High Five Spot in early 2006. Hence the raised beer. I had just gotten done taking a month off boozing and was back on (off?) track big time.


I remember wearing it when I moved into my old apartment on Broadway back in 2006. I was driving the moving truck when I thought I had room to squeeze through and ended up shattering the drivers side rearview mirror on a drug dealers Escalade. Here I was, a terrified little white girl driving a UHaul truck being forced by some giant scary dude to go to the bodega on the corner and give me $70 cash on the spot to pay for it while I was wearing a goddamn Body Count tshirt that said "187 All Cops" on the back and a white denim miniskirt. Welcome to the Neighborhood.

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