Wednesday, March 18, 2009

You made it to the big time bro!

Congratulations to my friend Zak for becoming tabloid fodder! Hopefully everything is okay, I mean who the hell throws a cat?! This is even more retarded than when my friend Will ended up on TMZ.

Seriously, this is my news. And yes, I sit around and read DListed every day.

This shit is everywhere, and of course the posts are pretty much the same. This is completely ridiculous and sounds kind of run of the mill for a lot of the crazier couples I know out there. Seriously, what would you do if your drunken fight ended up on Page 6? Poor kitty though. The commentary is hilarious on all the sites.

US Magazine
Best Week Ever

And of course the holy grail, the New York Post's post is the best:
Page Six

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