Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Richard Phillips had an opening...

I got to go to the extra-fancy Gagosian gallery on Saturday for the Richard Phillips opening. The show was amazing. He uses images from porn, advertising, and pop culture for his pieces. And the women there had the best shoes I've ever seen...just saying. Spotted the Rodarte loose-knit too. I am not an art critic, I can't describe, so I'll just show some of my favorites.

While I was looking at this one an awkward nerd asked me what I thought the artist was thinking while he was painting.

This last one I didn't see at the show but it was up on the Wallpaper* website where I got the images for this post. It's hilarious.

The dashing Mr. Phillips also had an afterparty which was very very special. I'll show you that next.

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Jane Elizabeth said...

I asked Richard where it was - it's "in the office" - you have to ask them to see it...

XXX, -je