Monday, January 26, 2009


My dad requested my friendship on Facebook tonight. This is my current profile picture:

New Years Ass

It could be worse. At least I had already changed my status which earlier read:

Snapshot 2009-01-26 01-57-13

Foiled by posting on accessible public forums once again. I'm sure my cousins are already horrified. And of course he can see my previous status posting unless I delete it but I am sure I'll make some other slip soon enough so why even bother. I just hope he doesn't ask me about battletits...or battle ass for that matter.


Sybil said...

you can put him under a restricted profile group.

thehistoryofmyfuture said...

My most recent wall post:

Carol Parrish wrote at 8:41pm
Is something wrong with your phone? I have called about 5 times today to tell you about Benjamin doing so great. It goes straight to voice. Call me Love. Mom

My whole family is on there now. It's nice keeping up with the distant relatives, but parents, ehhh. Truly frustrating!

Liz! said...

This is a rad post, made me laugh...

lauren said...

that dress rules, where is it from?

Battle said...

Thanks! I love that dress so much, it is 90's Patricia Field. I got it on Ebay from Feather Boutique, a vintage shop my friend owns in Austin.