Monday, January 19, 2009

Life Equations

Dear blog, I did not forget about you. I've been in a bubble the past few weeks. Life has been too fun to pause to blog. Well, that and every time I sit in front of my computer I am magically drawn to YouTube where I watch episode after episode of Intervention but seriously, let's just blame it on romance.

Today I want to revisit my SHIT LIST!

Okay, here it goes. I think a basic math exam should be required for all those who work retail. I went to pick up a prescription at Walgreens today and like the super shopper (even while dead broke) that I am, I hit up the sale Christmas candy aisle. I couldn't resist the 75% off fruit flavored candy canes! I'm a weak woman. When I went to the cashier to have her ring me up they came up as full price. I informed her of the sale and she paged a manager. He verified they were 75% off and told her to she just had to figure out the new price, hit override, and enter in the new total manually.

Here is where it gets tricky. When she asked what the new price would be the manager told her $1. Problem was, the candy canes were originally priced at $2.99. Now, let's all break out our calculators for a simple math problem (one that we should be able to do in our heads already) what is 75% off of $3? It's $0.75, not $1!

Okay, so being the good Jew I am, I pointed out the mistake and the manager looked at me like I was an idiot. I took out my phone and showed him on the calculator the math equation that proved me correct and he told me I was wrong. He said, "Here is how you figure it out, what's half of $3?"
"Okay, right, and then half of that is $1."
"No, it's really not."
"Yes. Yes it is."

The cashier looked confused and defeated and asked her manager if she should charge me $1 and he said, "No just ring it in as $0.75, I'm not going to worry about it, it's not worth it, even though that's not right, let her have her way."

And again, like the good Jew I am, I had to at least try to get the last word, "You aren't humoring me you know. It's basic math, I worked as a cashier for eleven years. Trust me, I know what 75% off is."

The cashier rolled her eyes and I got my fucking candy canes.

End of story.

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