Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Now that the camera is back up and running I give you a photo post!

Best Sign Ever!
Sign on Montrose on my walk to the train

My baby likes bread
The reason no one sees me anymore

Gorilla Hands
Glen's gorilla boxing hands...his gf has a matching pair

Poor fella
The remnants of a King of the Hill for Adult Swim ad on 3rd Ave, poor Bill!

Ultimate Shirly Temple
The ultimate Shirley Temple (it pays to be the DJ)

More photos from The Weight's Christmas party and a rousing holiday session of "Kick the String" soon.


liftmaster said...

dude i am feeling that zealous shirley temple

Lord Grimmak said...

Hey Beverly. This is Gerry, some asian dude you once wore spandex with. I'm in Lincoln, and I was staying on the couch of Anna Wiig, who asked if I knew someone named Beverly, and I did. I showed her this blog. Thought that was funny. Hope all's good with you.


Kara said...

my god. i want to skin u, relieving u of that amazing outfit and putting it safely away in my closet. where'd u get the jeans?

Battle said...

Gerry! What's up? Why the hell are you in Lincoln? So random!

Kara: what outfit are you talking about? There are no pics of me in this post, did you mean to comment on the Amebix one above?