Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gossip Girl

Wow...okay...I will officially start this off by calling my boyfriend Sean a hero. I dragged him to the Tribeca Grand Hotel for a screening of the 80s flashback episode of Gossip Girl last night. I watched the first season because my friend Meredith was the assistant stylist and a few friends were extras. Plus my friend Abigail's clothing line, Lorick was featured as Blair's mom's designs. I don't watch it anymore. I gave up. Something about breathlessly watching the dramas of Manhattan teenagers unfold makes me feel dirty. I understand the appeal and yeah, yeah Chuck Bass is a rad character. You know, before they were famous, literally weeks before the first episode aired, I saw Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick at the Cast's fashion show at the St Mark's Church. They were ahead of me in the bathroom line. I recognized them because Meredith, my friend who worked on the show, had shown us the pilot episode. She had warned us that this show was guaranteed to be huge and we enjoyed the camp. Plus the kids were a lot naughtier in the pilot, smoking weed on the street and doing all sorts of fun illegal kid things before the network stepped in and put on the brakes.

Anyway, so I recognized them. They were both totally short but good-looking enough. No one knew who they were yet so no girls were screaming or swooning. They were guests of the show's stylists and just looked sorta lost. Anyway, back to the bathroom line. Now I can't verify a damn thing and I know this ain't a gossip blog, but seriously. One of the two went in first and spent forever in there. When he finally came out he passed something via handshake to the other and then other dude spent forever in the bathroom. I was annoyed but also proud of these little future stars, doing what appeared to most likely be blow in the bathroom of a church at the onset of fashion week. It actually made me want to watch the show before I got overwhelmed with trying to keep up.

So last night we went to the screening. Sean had never seen a single episode and I have no idea what's going on this season apart from the teasers I see when I watch Top Model on the CW. I tried to explain to him what was going on but quickly gave up. Thankfully his penis didn't fall off and he emerged from the experience still a man. And a good sport at that. I owe him like 10 noise shows for this one.

I didn't take pictures because there was some fancy society blog already doing so. They did a very different write up of the event. But hey, they sure as hell love Abigail!

Guest of a Guest

I'm sure you're enthralled.

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