Friday, May 8, 2009

Justification 101

I wish I was more confident, I really do. I wish I was one of those people who could live her life without feeling the need to explain any potentially embarrassing actions. I am not one of those people. Hence I form elaborate reasoning for doing ridiculous or excessive things.

"You can never have too much of something as long as you collect it." Think about it. No one can give you guff about having four pairs of Ann Demeulemeester boots or four vintage studded jackets by the same brand if you say you collect them. I don't harsh my boyfriend for spending countless hours and dollars trolling Ebay for 80's home recording cassette tapes and he doesn't hate on my for my massive closet. This cannot be used as a method of cheating other people out of cool goods. A former of coworker at Beacons used to always whine that she should get everything that was vintage Chloe that came in because she "collected it". I tried to use the same excuse with her when it came to metal shirts but she said she collected them too.

"I was a cultural studies major focusing in media and popular culture. All these reality shows I watch are relevant to my field of study." If you've spent five minutes on this blog you probably know that I am addicted to bad tv. Which is funny because I don't even have an antenna, much less cable. But I'm addicted to watching bad tv on the internet. I don't get too ashamed about it unless someone else is around, I have the remote, and I flip to Oxygen to watch Bad Girls Club or the latest VH1 romance spin-off. Then I get all nervous and tingly, like I have to explain myself. Usually this is unnecessary because I've realized that almost everyone secretly loves the crap that I watch, even dudes. And they feel relieved that someone else picked it out so they get to watch it with a clean conscience.

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