Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tangled up in Court

On Friday I went to see Louise Sturge's opening at lovely Lisa and Nicole's lovely Court. I wrote a little number about it/her for the Vice Blog and boy, people sure didn't like it. I guess being stoked about things isn't what the readership wants. After all, I am participating in a publication that, for a long time, fostered a mentality of celebration by negation. But come on, sometimes it's a-okay to be just plain stoked about someone and some of the things that someone is doing and want to share it. I have two options as a blogger of life as I live it, to bitch or to applaud. I do a whole lot of the former and that seems to be quite popular (ahem...Orin...) but every once in the while I like to engage in the latter.

I'm actually pretty lucky, these were the first mean comments I got on their blog. And after the Alaska fiasco I can happily say they aren't the worst by any means.

ANYWAY, I went to Louise's opening. I had fun. Her photos are beautiful. She is rad. And I didn't get ANY pictures of her all night...what the hell?

Hottest hostess

I tried to take a picture of Brendan's puppy but he started licking his crotch. Like father, like son.

DSCN8730 know, just chillin in Nolita...

Doesn't it look like someone just said something really awkward?

Custom Besos Y Fotos candy...the stuff of dreams (and blue tongues)

DSCN8744 tongue lady!

Remington Steele!

Yeah dude...

Aww...I just wanna post pictures of the two cutest things of the evening!

Glen testing out the chick magnet


Okay so I guess these photos are more of small handful of people hanging out in front of the opening than of the actual opening itself. Oops! I can't resist when there is a puppy (or a Lisa or an Audrey or my baby) around.

For a way better pictorial summation of the event go HERE


Aviva said...

Aw, miss you guys. Lisa looks like Camille in those pics!

tell all thems I say hi

Orin Brecht said...

I not only a fan on your bitching (although it's great), I just hate your fashion posts. I get all excited when you have a new post and when it's "look at this outfit" I get bummed when I gotta wait another 2 weeks for another post. I remember when it was like a new story every other day. Anyway...Thanks!

brendan donnelly said...

dude i read the vice thing and after reading that and some of my nosferatu youtube comments alls i can say is "people gotta stop hatin on people doing shit". its so amazing the amount of hatred people have for other people who are actually psyched on their friends doing shit or even someone doing something cool.

love the post, get well soon.

ps the "like father like son" comment had me laughing like crazy

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

big ups babe. i'm with brendan..i don't know why people would go out of their way to bother if they aren't into shit..but that's why we're all more awesome than they..

anyhoo, thanks so much for the post. i for one really was bowled over+loved it. so fuck'em. if they aren't nice they aren't invited to totally radical anythings..
p.s. going to spain next tuesday for the month to see mi senor but back in time for july 4th on the roof..come if you're here. xx