Friday, May 29, 2009

Out of Africa


Angela, Audrey, and I went to an Afro-Carribean street fair in front of BAM on Sunday. It was the first day I was feeling remotely better from my second resurgence of the swine flu. We came expecting to find this guy:

He was pictured in the advert on BAM's website but unforunately the only fabric vendors were pretty unimpressive. Most of the places in Harlem have better selections.

Still we had a grand old time. Drinking out of coconuts and perusing jewelry. I discovered bean pie and bought some sweet leather earrings.

Audrey and I bought matching rings.

Segregation is finally over! Southern lady friend tattoos.

Dude on stilts. No big deal.

I know a few people who belong at the Jerk Center...(Audrey isn't one)

The scene

Jewelry booth, Audrey looked like the cutest power lesbian ever.

Lightswitch covers

Extreme purse

This booth was pumping out the best of tunes.

Audrey took some pictures too:
pic by audrey
Modeling the earrings I bought, they matched the extreme purse.

pic by audrey
This guy was hawking cakes (I bought a bean pie from his stand) by telling everyone, "My red velvet is chocolate baby." Nice.


Sybil said...

dude can you please alert me next time this happens? this is *cough* right up my alley you know.

Gina "Gold" Erdmann said...

So you go the earrings but not the purse?