Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I present some uncategorizable sights.

Original Demon Slaver
"Original Demon Slayer" from dinner @ Zenkichi

fish pants
Normally I don't like the idea of fish coming out of my crotch but I was helpless when confronted with these pants at Fox and Fawn.

worst tattoo ever
This girl has the worst tattoo I have ever seen. It's hard sneaking up on drunk chicks to take pictures of them without their knowledge. Her friend told me to stop taking photos of her drunk friend and not to embarrass her any more than she already had embarrassed herself. This girl was going nuts and was seriously aggro. Plus I didn't quite get the leather shirt. I guess it goes to show, no matter how annoying/Matrix dressed/shittily tattooed you may be, a good friend is a good friend. I've seen this girl around like 20 times since that night and she's been much better behaved. But she still has a faceless chick spread eagle on her arm.

This is Luna. She is my boyfriend's roommate's cat. Glenn found her after she'd been hit by a car. She's a former bodega cat and he nursed her back to health. She's missing a lot of teeth so her tongue has a tendancy to loll out, especially when she's sleeping.

These are some pics from The Milestone that didn't make it into the Vice article. Crass = Grass.

Anarchy = Gay.

Danzig = knocked out by a goat (according the Andy the Doorbum @ The Milestone.)

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