Thursday, February 7, 2008

Can't be a bummer all of the time.

Having encountered her pieces on the sales floor I have been periodically impressed with Victoria Bartlet's VPL line. It can be a bit redundant but I understand that a designer needs to develop her signatures. The styling on the runway was reasonably fierce however, the necklaces were a bit irritating to me.

Gotta say I really dig the leggings and thigh-highs.

And the knits are badass as well as this sweatshirt...I'd sort of need that.

The bandage lingerie is one of her signatures and looking at it again, it's actually not that tiresome. I think when she extends beyond the slouchy luxuries of underwear as outerwear and sweatpants as evening appropriate slumwear is the point she loses me. It becomes too gimmicky. But the colors were right on target too. Finally someone who didn't get stuck in a boring black hole (and this is coming from a former goth/current metalhead.)