Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I can promise you one thing...I do not go to Pratt

Mikey dragged me along to a Mud Wrestling Party @ Galapagos last Friday night. After the girls competition ended the organizers got down and dirty.

Mud Wrestling

And after the organizers got down and dirty, everybody else did too:

Mud Wrestling


After everyone else got down and dirty and a very down and a very dirty Ninja Sonik played:

Ninja Sonik

Ninja Sonik

While I was filming my decidedly amaturish video with my digital camera weird creeper dudes kept coming up to me trying to talk to me or vibe me through the camera. It was totally weird. Some schmuck tried to give me his fucking card and start a conversation with me while I was trying to film. Umm...sorta busy ya think?

Whatever, the creeper factor made the night more hilarious. Apparently there is a certain level of mystique attached to the only chick not covered head to toe in mud at a mud wrestling party. My ass wasn't getting anywhere near that swimming pool even though the organizers tried to get Mikey to recruit me by offering him free drinks all night if I wrestled. Hardly dude. I'm not 19, I don't go to Pratt, and I don't look like a walking American Apparel ad (nor did I bare my tits in the most recent issue of Vice like some of these fine ladies did.) Mind you I am not hating, obviously as a spectator I can't. Without mud wrestling lasses I wouldn't have had that much fun and actually the ladies involved in the actual competition were pretty fucking serious and could have 100% kicked the shit out of me hands down. For all my posturing I am a pussy and don't want a face full of mud. Too old for that shit, right?

Mud Wrestling

The whole scene was kind of a mess anyway. I swear to god there was a press section around the whole set up, two kiddie pools filled with mud. I didn't even bother taking pictures during the actual competition since I am sure someone else somewhere else has already blogged them far more competently.

However, major highlight of the night was this:

The chick in the hat...amazing. And the dude with the mohawk trying to draw me in with his captivating love stare. He tried to come up to me and talk to me later on and I literally turned and ran. Which sucked because the floor was wet and I almost fell on my ass. The dude on the right behind him in the olive shirt is the guy who tried to give me his card while I was filming. It ended up on the ground covered with mud. I kind of wish I still had it, I am dying to check out his events promotion website. I bet it...umm...rules?

The referee whistle is now on my living room floor. Nice touch.

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