Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is it just me?

Or is Fashion Week fucking terrible this year?

There is nothing interesting on the majority of the runways. Maria Cornejo and Rachel Comey generally two beacons of fun let me down. Even a good portion of NuRave bad boy aka The Jeremey Scott of Brazil Alexandre Herchovich was restrained.

BOY by Band of Outsiders and Rag and Bone are enjoyable in an accessible, "Hey I'd totally wear that" sort of way.

Proenza Schouler had me...

then lost me...

then had me again...

Maybe it's just that questions like Lela Rose's, "How can I add a sporty theme to cocktail dressing?" don't really matter to me...try and make me care. And the ridiculous recyling not only of the same decades over and over again but of the same decades and color palates by the same designers season after season after season...(paging Michael Kohrs...lay off the fucking camel already!)

And is it just me or did Alice Temperley's Mata Hari themed collection make anyone else wanna punch somebody? It reeked of easy inspiration and smarminess standing in for wit.

The styling is PAINFUL! Unless you are trying to exclusively dress the Rolling Stones' daughters and Kate Moss, I don't get it. P.S. Anyone else find it weird that the daughters of aging rockstars dress exactly like their fathers' groupies in their prime. Creepy much?

Another case of rampant overstyling ruining any hint of promise was the Obedient Daughters presentation. Several years ago when I worked at the Vice Store I sold Obedient Sons and a few pieces were spectacular. A leather jacket stands as fairly perfect in memory and the fits were great. But seriuosly folks, you call this a look?

Don't even get me started on the great yawning voids that were 3.1 Phillip Lim and painful mockery that was Marc by Marc Jacobs...although I did weirdly like the bow skirt...hmm...

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