Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What I meant to say was...Life is short. Listen to Megadeth.

After listening to so many laments as to how Metallica made a grave mistake early on in their careers by giving Dave Mustaine the boot I have to disagree. If they hadn't ganged up on our long-suffering hero aka the angriest ginger we would never have Megadeth. And despite Dave's current born again status, they never sold out their fans or betrayed the cause to the degree that our fallen former heroes Hetfield and company did. What bums me out is that Megadeth and Dave have always been relegated to secondary status; they were never as big as Metallica, their songs don't inspire the same fist pumping sing-alongs as Metallica and no one outside of Dave was very present in the media, but so what? I always appreciated the fact that Dave Mustaine never sugarcoated his resentment and was consistent and consistently honest in his interviews. Even though he's currently raising his fists in the name of Christ I still would like to celebrate this metal hero.

I want to dress exactly like this:

Dave channeling Mark Borchardt:

Dave is really into Cyber and Kurt Cobain:

Wait..."An all-star group called The Dudes of Wrath?"

Embattled Dave

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