Friday, November 14, 2008

Against all odds, Still STOKED

It's been a while since I've had a good dose of positivity on here. I feel like my first month of unemployment consisted of a lot of complaining blogwise. That's just no good.

I am stoked on the Jets!

I am stoked that for the first time in a long time my finger nails are longer than my finger tips. I've been an off and on nailbiter since childhood and I keep trying to stop and keep failing. This is the first time since I quit smoking nearly 2 years ago that they are not bitten to the nubs. Considering I worked in retail around lots of grubby people and dirty money, it's exceedingly gross that I used to put my hands in my mouth all day long.

I am stoked on my new house. I haven't talked about it nearly enough, living here is a breath of fresh air. Who knew living with four people could be this laid back.

I am stoked on my return to the green. I'm going to have to ask Will Lemon for one of his genius "Weed is my speed" shirts soon.

I am stoked on Kitchen Nightmares and it's availability on Hulu.

I am stoked on working with Brendan

I am stoked on spending Thanksgiving at home.

I am stoked on spending Fakesgiving with friends.

I am stoked on baking cookies, watch out, if you want to avoid getting chubs then you'd better not hang with me this winter. Last night during the game I watched one Fletcher Johnson consume at least 10 peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I'm a baking machine. Just wait til gingerbread season starts.

I am stoked that I get to see this little guy every time I open my phone thanks to picture texts from his grandma.

Despite it being the infamous death year, I am stoked to turn 27. 26 was rough as all hell and I am glad to move on.

In related news I am stoked for the joint birthday party my roommate Heather, Jessica and I are having this weekend. I'd give you all the address but it's not my house. Message me on facebook or MySpace if you don't already know.

I am also stoked on Jessica's endeavors in general, check out her band with her brother Brad. Family Folk! Best genre ever.

I am stoked on Andy MacLeod's brain

I am stoked on a moderately secret book project I'm working with a friend on.

I am stoked on election night's band practice and the upcoming one when our drummer gets back.

I am stoked on Elizabeth's birthday party that I forgot to blog about because everyone else already did!



I am stoked on this couch and the number of times I've also fallen asleep on it while watching marathon football games (not with Modello in hand though.) Shh! They're vaporized.


No seriously, they are vaporized...


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besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

congratulations on no longer nublet nails!! big steps.
h5's all all your stoked-ness!
+happy belated birthday babe.