Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Invoking the Spirits

Last night my roommate Sam Jayne held what he dubbed a Postivie American Ambience Ritual in the baseball diamond of McCarren park at precisely 11:11 pm. According to his email:

Well, basically, based on some tiny magical knowledge and belief and some help from some friends, I will be holding a ritual that will contain two basic spells:
a binding and banishment of the qualities of the icon we will refer to as NIACM, and an invocation and giving of power to the icon we will refer to as AMABO. These icons are of course representative of the two candidates in the election on Nov 4 and their parties and belief systems. However, it is my belief that our voting system is partially ineffective and that magical action should take place, both now and constantly, to positively influence the American Socio-Political environment and ambience.

We met beforehand at Enid's to work on the script. Andy, Sam spiritual advisor guided him through his personal magical practices. I helped with some phrasing (ever the editor I complained when it got too word.)

Caroline wore a magical hat she made.

I didn't take any pictures during the ceremony as I was participating. I got to hold the pentagram (upright, white magic, not inverted) that was used to banish Niaccm and planted it in the ground next to Amabo. Fingers crossed the spirits were pleased.

The scene as how we left it.



From afar



And yes I voted today.