Friday, November 28, 2008

Press Alert!

Whoa...look at that, I'm almost noteworthy. The Bust Magazine article finally came out. To see it in miniature online form click the link and go to page 59 where it starts. Unfortunately I don't have scans featuring the other badass ladies as my mom scanned it for me and she only has eyes for her daughter. Sorry! Also, big thanks to Joanne at Dagger Debs for pointing the issue out to me. It was supposed to be in the October/November issue but the story got bumped. I didn't even know it had come out until Joanne posted a comment on my blog. Yeah, I'm really on top of my shit.

Here's my page. Thank god she didn't use the more embarassing quotes from my email rant. Also, unfortunately The Saints record is the most visible one and it's not even mine but my old roommate. The Rock Goddess/Sacrilege/Znowhite/Dark Angel display I had set up is totally in the shadows.
Bust Magazine

Angela Boatwright took the pictures and Jenny Rose Ryan wrote the article. I posted the entirety of my nerdy-ass interview on the blog way back in May when the ball first started rolling.

I think it would be hilarious to start a press section of my blog. After all, I've got that sweet spread in Vice featuring me modeling thrash mascot tees from the neck down (wow, Tim Barber and Brendan, thanks guys for not wanting to take any pics of my face, makes me feel like a megababe.) And then there is the classic Battletorn feature in Vice Germany where at least my face is pictured but unfortunately I have a huge cast on my arm. Battletorn indeed.

Thrash metal mascot aka just rack shots. There is also one of my in a DRI shirt and one in a Megadeth shirt too. Photo by Tim Barber.

The article is hilarious, but unfortunately in German. Check out the Battletorn tidbits anyway!

I just noticed that these three articles are titled, For Those About to Rock, Mosh or Die, and Thrash 'til Death. Pretty ripping.


Sybil Disobedience said...

sweet voivod shirt! i remember when the vice ones came out.

congrats bev!

Christina said...

Well how rad is that? you look pretty epic in that first photo. Hey I know it was a while ago but I was wondering If you could email me some music files that I can't find on teh internets. Ironclaw, Icecross, and Damad are the ones I am interested in. If its a bother don't worry about it, I am just always stoked to expand my collection. Props on the publicity!
- Christina

Jenny Rose said...

Hey there! My vanity googling has directed me to your commentary about the story. Just wanted to say I'm happy you're happy. :)

-Jenny Rose Ryan

p.s., I'm working on some sort of full-length book of tbd type and style... so if you're interested in further storytelling, I'd be very excited to include you (if it happens, that is).

Joanne said...

Your Welcome!
Voivod rules, smoked a joint with piggy once .He was nice

Anonymous said...