Monday, November 24, 2008

Chinese Democracy Remix

Another note about Chinese Democracy. DO NOT listen to this album on mushrooms. It will BUM YOU OUT!

Seriously, there was a point where I got so embarassed for Axl that I pulled my turtleneck over my face and tried to hide. It was during his ballad. It honestly made me that uncomfortable.

To be fair I also thought I was Mr. Peanut:
Mr Peanut?, so maybe my word isn't the definitive one.
God...I think that's the least flattering photo of myself I've ever posted. But yeah, that was an interesting turn in the evening.

This is me before unadvisably mounting my bike and riding off into the freezing cold world.

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brendan donnelly said...

last time i did shrooms i thought i was willy wonka and chuck was there too and he was talkign to an audience at a podium in the kitchen (there was no one in the audience)