Monday, November 17, 2008

It's my party and I'll blog if I want to


How do you illustrate how rough a Saturday night can be?

Today is my 27th birthday, I keep getting older, what the fuck's up with that? I guess I can't complain about the irreversible. At least I am now finally hopefully semi-employed. Not starting this year off as a total loser. At least not yet. For the first time ever I've been a total brat and pulled the whole "birthday weekend" bullshit out of my ass. Saturday was the house party, yesterday I totally scored dinner during my awesome hangout day where me and a friend drove all around Brooklyn getting lost, finding a giant teepee in Red Hook, touring some bizarre ethnic neighborhoods, and ended up at Brighton Beach where he pissed in the ocean before we got Mexican food at Castros in Bed Stuy. I find it awesomely irresponsible to go cruising these days. It's the most economically and socially unsound activity. Nothing feels better than wasting gas for idle enjoyment, but when you don't drink it is a pretty awesome way to blow some cash over the course of several hours.

Tonight I'm making some folks take me out to dinner. I'll probably watch them get drunk somewhere later. Who knows where.

But Saturday...oy vey. Saturday was like a social experiment gone equally wrong and right. From gnarly late night spin-the-bottle to an inpromptu drum session perpetrated by anti-hippies to a slow-dance to Toto's Africa where I got choked on the dancefloor it was weird creepy fun. Also thanks to Lilly's present of a giant dog-faced ceramic cobra, there was a pretty killer prop involved in the night as well.

Here's proof. In the words of Paul K, "Let's get creepy."

KP and Court
Kp got gnarly

Drummer Chris
Chris joined a drum circle

Heather has a great ass

Glen and Angela
Glen and Angela got dirty

Sparks Chris
Chris got retarded

Angela and Dustin made the same face

Saturday also featured some of the best "shitfaces" I've ever seen at a party. I swear to god, despite the facial expressions, everyone really did have fun...I promise.





Heather, Brian, and Me

There was another theme (and this picture segues beautifully between the two) aside from shitfaces which was tard faces. Yes, something was in the air because everyone was deliberately trying to look retarded, which, in my perspective is way better than trying to look hot.

Sam, Sam, and Brian

KP and Court

Zoe, Angela, and Me

Zoe and Angela
This was moments after Angela and Zoe actually said, "Let's try to look like retards."

Zoe and Angela

Glen and the card he made for me
Glen made me a ruled

Otherwise it was your typical party. A bunch of goodlooking folk looking good while getting drunk.

Sweet Cobra

Cupcakes and Cheesecake
Cupcakes and Cheesecake!

Neon told me he came to "show face"

Angela, Dustin, and Pia
I like Marissa lurking in the background


Brian, Jordan, and Sean
Going through these I noticed how many times people flipped off the camera...seriously, you guys gotta get a new routine...except for Brian. I hope he always makes that face now til the end of time.

Brian and Me
Seriously, I can't get enough of it.

Sybs...lovely lady I don't see nearly enough of.

Jenny and Glen

Imagine if this was the last thing you saw

Bek, Jessica, and Heather
Who's drunk?

What's going on down there Glen?

I have no idea why or when the tambo was broken out but everyone went nuts with it.

Cobra Style
Last picture of the night...


Anonymous said...

evidently i am only capable of making muppet faces when your camera is out. I'm into it.

Anonymous said...

ahahahahaha!!!!! these RULE!