Friday, November 14, 2008

Lil rascals there are no cats allowed in the pharoah's tomb on these arabians nights.

This shit makes me want to have kids...seriously.

My friend Brendan Donnelly has finally launched his new website which includes the debut of his kids line, Lil' Rascals. I've been waiting for this to go public since he showed me his drawings ages ago. My lil rascal of a nephew is totally getting these two

From the adult division I am pretty stoked on Cruisin

and Captain

(yes those are my green fingernails...GO JETS!)

He's got his older designs up for sale too, finally the bros don't have to go through me to get an arabic Crass (one of B Don's greatest hits) or Black Flag tee. And now that he's official he's dropped his prices too (they used to go for $40, now they are only $35.) Recession pricing on moderately offensive punk rock tees. I ordered a BLT at my old bodega wearing my pink tie-dye arabic Motorhead shirt. Dudes were not amused. The combination of cultural cooption and the most repulsive food known to Muslims, bacon, didn't go over too well. The sandwich guy read my shirt and asked me who made it for me. I told him a friend. He asked where my friend was from. I gulped..."Umm...Connecticut." Oops. But Brendan does consult with an arabic speaking friend of his so it's semi-legit.

Regardless, the shirts are finally accessible (though not in tie-dye form, but that may be coming soon.) I remember showing up at a bar with a bag full of them that Brendan had given as gifts to me and Ty and suddenly ended up with 9 orders from just about every guy I knew for tees. They literally sold themselves and I wasn't even trying.

Full disclosure: I'll be helping dear Donnelly out with the boring business stuff on his line. Aka, in a weird weird way, I guess Donnelly is my boss. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that. I mean, have you seen the blog? Oh well, it's not like I'll let him tell me what to do or anything.

Elizabeth, Brendan, and me
Consumate lurker.

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brendan donnelly said...

i love how shady i look in that pic.

when i friend mohammad gave me the translations to the bands he said in broken english "what is this for asshole" i said to embarrass you.

it's monday, it's your birthday, and you're not here to work? you're fired.

-tha management