Thursday, November 6, 2008

Insert Obama pun here...

The crowd
The white flying spots are beer...

On election night I had band practice until 10:30 pm. When I exited the building in Chelsea to book it over to Williamsburg all I knew about the results was that Obama had taken Ohio (thanks to shredder/bandmate Angela.) One long and stress-laden subway ride later I arrived at Union Docs right before 11. Moments after I walked in the door the Electoral tally topped 270 and Obama's win was secured. The crowd went apeshit and the Weight boys kicked into a round of "Na na na na hey hey hey goodbyes." My timing was magical, the moment was magical. Everyone was hugging and kissing like it was New Years, but this was so much better than just a new year. It was the passing of history, not just the passing of time.

The Crowd

The Crowd
The boys in the band were joking that this was the most amped up crowd they'd ever played for and the audience wasn't even looking at them during the set.

The Weight

The Weight
Let freedom ring!

Me and Sam
We were amped! And please disregard the gum in my mouth...oy...

Jameson had Sam open a celebratory bottle of champagne

The Weight
You playing?

The Weight
Or drinking?

The Weight
Getting down and dirty during a rendition of Shout!

The Weight

Sam and Orin
Orin, always the photobomber

The Weight
Let it ring!!!

Crowd @ Union Docs
The crowd kept flipping off McCain during his concession speech.

Joseph and Orin
Orin kept hugging everyone. He told me I couldn't start a crust punk band now (not that I was planning on it) because now wasn't a time to bitch about our country. He and a bunch of dudes are getting outlines of America over their hearts...who knew dirtbags could be so patriotic? It's nice to see faith restored. Let's hope it lasts.


From there we took to the streets. We steered clear of Bedford which apparently was going nuts. From the video footage I've seen I kind of wish we ended up there but we'd eaten mushrooms so I think it would have been a bit overwhelming. Still even on the walk from Union Docs to Daddys every car that passed honked and cheered and everyone who passed us on the street was hooting and hollering with joy.

Here is some footage of Bedford Ave

Here is some footage inside Union Docs where I was

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that george bush thing is creepy! looks like good times.