Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't call the metal police

But I was on a folk out bum out rage when I made this one. It all started when I watched Trouble Every Day after getting about four hours of sleep the night before. My brain was having trouble dealing with the tension and the impending carnage so I took a break despite only having twenty minutes left in the movie. I laid down to nap and while I was sleeping it started raining and a windstorm kicked up. A huge gust of wind blew the box fan out of my window and onto my head waking me. I've had a headache for the past three days and have a considerable knot from the blow. I got up, turned the movie back on only to watch the most brutal part yet and then proceeded to be a bummer for the rest of the night.

In the midst of my being a bummer I made an intense folk muxtape. Upon revisiting it I found it to be too heavy so I updated it and a new theme emerged...

I present Jammers and Bummers

Alice Cooper - Sting Low Sweet Cheerio: Nothing is complete without Alice. This is an old one but a great one. I am in love with this song and it's quiet menace. It's off Alice Cooper's first album so the theatrics are not quite in full swing, but it's a quality peek into what's yet to come. From 1969.

Terry Manning - I Ain't Got You: Terry was better known as a producer but on his solo album you get to hear his dirty Memphis sound and it's the perfect balance of fuzz and restraint. Also, an interesting side-note, Alex Chilton of Big Star fame played on this album. From 1970.

The Loudest Whisper - Good Day, My Friend: For a Irish folk inspired concept-ish album, this is suprisingly complete and listenable. I love nearly every song on this record and frankly chose this one because it's my song of the moment, but it was a hard road to chose. Loudest Whisper is still going, but this album is by far my favorite, complete with a children's chorus and mythological refrains. Solid through and through. A little later than the others, from 1977.

Perry Leopold - The Annunciation: I've been completely hooked on both Christian Lucifer and Experiment in Metaphysics for several weeks. I am a sucker for a catchy chorus and "Somebody wake the dead" is right up my alley. What can I say? Haunted by faith, can't really relate, but I do have an odd fondess for tortured Christian folk. From 1973.

Townes Van Zandt - Nothin: Heartbreaking from my favorite heartbreaker. Stark and blunt. Townes at his finest. From 1971.

Mighty Baby - I've Been Down So Long: I always laugh when I hear about the kids from Amazing Baby, I'll never be able to divorce the two. Not as good as the track, Egyptian Tomb but it's still right on. From 1969.

Morning Dew - Upon Leaving: Utterly accessible but solid psych rock from Topeka, Kansas. One of the best driving records I've come across. Always one of my favorite tour jams. From 1967.

Patron Saints - Shine on Heart: This track was originally left off the album because at over 7 minutes, it was far too long. Available on the reissue, it is one of my favorite tracks. Warbling and off-kilter, it is a perfect representation of the Patron Saint's charm. From 1969.

Tradewinds - Virgin to the Night: Solid 60's teen pop. Catchy and totally summertime appropriate. I can't find a release year for this album because this is essentially a compilation and these artists recorded under a few names.

Mellow Candle - The Virgin Prophet: This band was comprised of two schoolmates from Ireland. Haunting folk melodies with a serene ghostlike quality. One of my favorite folk groups perhaps ever. This track is from a series of unreleased sessions dating from 1969-1970.

Meic Stevens - Yorric: What can I say about Meic Stevens. Essentially the Welsh Bob Dylan, this is off his only album primarily in English. Most of his releases are in Welsh but all still beautifully listenable. Still, it helps to be able to sing along, even though Yorric is by far the least sing-song of the tracks off Outlander. I love this man, I love this album, and I love the people who rereleased it. From 1970.

Fred Neil - Ride Stormy Weather: Another track off a best of type compilation. I have no idea when it was recorded but it gets me just the same. A nice return to Americana.

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