Thursday, June 5, 2008

In the interest of balance...The Stoked List

As much as I have lamented the negative bent of our subculture I have also expressed joy at seeing people be unabashedly stoked about things. Like my friends Matt and Kim who actually let their audiences know they are happy to see them. For years upon years we've been chanting "My friends are going to save the world" like a sacred verse, for me hearkening back to the Reversal of Man "Revolution Summer" 10"

Nowadays I roll my eyes and giggle at memories of posicore, maybe because the idea of building a scene around being specifically positive seems inorganic and forced, but at least it was an answer to the oppressive negativity that abounded.

And you know what? Skinny dipping does rule. So do potlucks. So here is my stoked list bringing me back to when I was fifteen, straightedge, and living some sort of dream. Half "us vs them" half just "us enjoying us"

-I'm stoked on the midwest. Growing up there a lot of people knock it but I grew up with little fear, always feeling safe and free to roam. I miss that.

-I'm stoked on potlucks, vegan or meat, who cares. Sitting around eating with a bunch of buddies is such a basic human way of bonding and I love feeding people.

-I'm stoked on craft night...duh!

-I'm stoked on skinny dipping. I haven't done it in years but I used to go weekly. It's what we did when bands came into town since no one was old enough to get into bars and a lot of the bands were straightedge. The first time I went was with Reversal of Man and Assuck, now that's a hell of a memory.

-I'm stoked on summertime night drives, especially in rural areas.

-I'm stoked on the woods. Hiking through the woods, parties in the woods, camping in the woods. You name it.

-I'm stoked on summer.

-I'm stoked on 90s hardcore night at the Charleston.

-I am stoked on my upcoming trip to Alaska.

-I am stoked on mushrooms.

-I am stoked on my friends.

-I am stoked on Angela Boatwright and the pictures she took of me on Monday.

-I am stoked about Brighton Beach.

-I am stoked about Brendan Donnelly and the entire contents of his brain.


Frank Macias said...

let's make band babies.

brendan donnelly said...

aaw bev, thanks! that comment made my day

Peter said...

if we can walk together, why can't we rock together?