Friday, June 6, 2008

I've got heavy metal music in my blood

As I mentioned before I was shot for Bust by Angela Boatwright. She and I had a total geek out which resulted in my burning her a data DVD's worth of metal. The basics are not included, because, well she's got them, so this is by no means a comprehensive "must have" list. In fact it was hard to compile because you never want to offend a metal collector by including the obvious but then again, you want to share everything you are excited about. The realms of long-neglected records are tricky to navigate. Things that are new to one listener are old hat to another. I was introduced to Jerusalem and Necromandus last year but so many of my friends have had the reissues since...well, they were first reissued.

Regardless, here is a list of the albums I burnt on my epic 24 hours worth of metal. It ranges from current to late-60s hard rock roots of metal. Some things are forgettable save a song or two and some are utterly essential in my library of heavy jams. Some of their albums are not the greatest but I didn't have the greatest available on my hard drive. Some artists I would have loved to include aren't on the list because I haven't made it all the way through in downloading my record collection onto my hard drive. Blah blah many disclaimers. Basically this is non-essential but encouraged listening.

Axes to the Sky Thunder of 1000 Hooves
Axes to the Sky The Overlord
Axes to the Sky Always Say Die

Bedemon Child of Darkness

Black Shepherd United Evil Forces Demo

Brocas Helm Into Battle - Ballsy SF power metal

Buffalo Volcanic Rock - Early '70s Australian stoner good.

Cirith Ungol Demo 1979 - Easily one of my favorite bands. I almost like this demo more than Frost and Fire...almost

Confessor Condemned - The vocals bug the shit out of some people, but if they aren't a dealbreaker, this band's progressive doom metal is something to be reckoned with, at least the 90s gave us bands like this to help us through that bleak decade.

Count Raven Destruction of the Void - Yeah, this dude sounds just like Ozzy. Whoa.

Crysys Hard As A Rock Again, kind of jokey and "eh" now but essentially a US band playing NWOBHM. There are some worthwhile tracks for sure.

Damad Burning Cold - Dude, I will never stop loving this band. NEVER.
Damad Centric EP

Death SS The Story of Death SS - Hit or miss given that it's an early years "best of" but historically you can't fuck with the first horror metal band. Although I always sort of want to laugh at everything the Italians do.

Forca Macabra Caveira Da Forca - If you didn't see them at Don Pedros you missed out. Seriously missed out.

Granicus Granicus - Cleveland Ohio's finest! What's more powerful than a power trio? A power quintet! Ouch...sorry, that was totally gay.

Hammers of Misfortune The Bastard - See, SF isn't totally lame all the time.

Hand of Doom Poisonoise - It's hard not to laugh during parts of this album, I'll admit, the delivery is so earnest, but I totally love it's unassuming toughness

High Tide Sea Shanties - Late 60s art rock way ahead of it's time. Abrasive and heavy then atmospheric and heady. Definitely get the oceanic vibes
High Tide Precious Cargo

Holocross Holocross - Found this gem of a ripper on vinyl and the first track quickly made its way into regular rotation in my DJ sets. Not quite as good as their name but close.

Icecross Icecross - Who knew Iceland could wail so hard?

Iron Claw Dismorphophobia: The Fear of Being Ugly
- Who knew Scotland could wail so hard?

Jerusalem Jerusalem - Kamikaze Moth is only available on one reissue and it's so took me so long to get it too.

Lord Weird Slough Feg Lord Weird Slough Feg - One of my favorite contemporary metal bands. Mike Scalzi keeps it so real with his vests and his sneers. No one comes to see them when they play in NY. What's wrong with you people?
Lord Weird Slough Feg Twilight of the Idols

May Blitz 2nd of May - I dig this. That's all I gotta say.

Minsk Out of A Center Which is Neither Dead Nor Alive - I am so selective about new sludge stoner doom biz but for some reason of all the albums I've half-listened to this one grabbed me even though it is totally draining.

Necromandus Orexis of Death - Nightjar is one of the best tracks on any of these albums. Black Sabbath contemporaries, totally killer.

Penance The Road Less Traveled - Classic latter era doom...

Randy Holden Population II - I am running out of heavy appropriate adjectives.

Sentinel Beast Depths of Death - YEEEEAH! I heart Debbie Gunn for life.

Solitude Aeturnus Beyond the Crimson Horizon - Thank god, this was getting exhausting...doom...good...yeah...

And...the best ever, The LSD Connection Vol. 8 - Mushroom Metal Mayhem

I didn't go too deep into doom or grind and Damad was a guilty pleasure that I had to throw in there since everyone's been talking about 90s hardcore lately and that band always got me. Plus I had to throw female vocals in there at least twice (Sentinel Beast being the other example.) If anyone is interested in any of these albums I can upload, burn them, or email the files. Or give me your SoulSeek name for the older ones...I have no qualm with file sharing albums where the bands aren't seeing any cash from the reissues and the reissue cds themselves go for $40 or more on Ebay.


gnarlitude jen said...

So stoked Damad made the list.
I never read Bust but I'll have to find the issue you're in. Very epic.
Dude I have soul seek for mac (only reason I specify is because I hear the non mac version is different), what's your name on there? I must get some of this from you!

Orin said...

Because ICECROSS was the only album cover that popped up on my shitty computer, I feel it was a blog omen that I hear them. Plus the name is brutal.


P.S. Not sure if you know of this site or not but check out I've stopped working and have been downloading for weeks.

Beverly said...

soulseek=spazzmotronic, hit me up!