Friday, June 6, 2008

So stoked to be so shitty

I just want to let the world know how happy I am to know that there is a record label out there that combines my hatred of yoga and my love of extreme music.

It's such a great feeling when someone comes along and combines your loves with your hates. Kind of like the For Stormfront Ladies Only Messageboard I am Jewish, I am not pro-white power, but holy shit, these ladies are entertaining as hell. I think it's hilarious when while people feel so threatened and embattled. I've said it before and I'll say it again, if what they are saying is true, WHERE'S MY PART OF THE CONSPIRACY damnit! Seriously.

Maybe I should do a series, White Nationalists: They're just like us

Here is some of my favorite light reading:

Aryan babes posting pictures of their hot Aryan dudes

The age old question, "How do I cope with my nephew wanting to date a Jewish girl?

Klans women sharing robe laundering advice

White power ladies cry during Little House on the Prairie and like to get drunk and glue quarters to the sidewalk in front of Synagogues

To tan or not to tan...what's a poor white woman to do?

And my personal favorite:

Pete Steele is the ultimate vision of white male perfection?

Wait...Hootie & The Blowfish and The Meatpuppets earned spots on the sexiest rockers list? 1995 must have been a bummer year.

Also, are white power chicks allowed to get wet for Robert Smith and Darby Crash? That just don't seem right. Nothing is funnier than when WN chicks unwittingly are hot for gays, jews, and gay jews.

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