Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I was looking for Thor videos on Youtube and found that. It's fucking Malibu from American Gladiators

But I also found this (which is what I was looking for):

I spent three days in Canada with this man. We drove around in his Crystler LeBaron listening to him tell his life story. We never did finish that book, Omid and I had a falling out, but dang...I am so glad I got to go out there and hang out with this dude. Seriously. He is keeping the dream alive more than any other metal maniac out there. This man loves his music, loves his craft, and loves his persona. He feels no shame, has no embarassment and goddamnit, why should he? He is a god, goddamnit!

We watched this Merv Griffith footage with Jon (Mikl Thor.) He has the most amazing archives.

He also had a movie career. I own Rock N Roll Nightmare but have yet to see Recruits...anyone have it?!?!?!

If anyone actually watched that entire van sequence you are my hero. It's the ultimate...what the fuck moment in B movie history. 10

Look! It's me and Thor!!


Not everyone agrees with the glory of Thor


brendan donnelly said...

elizabeth and i found the girl from adventure in babysitting myspace page. we think she's a little dyke thor

Beverly said...

link please!